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Bitter Bride Andrea Noel Goes Dropping List on Everything Wrong With Her Unemployed Fiancé Who Left Her

Bride Andrea Noel has gone viral over ‘ick list’ she dropped after being dumped.

She’s obviously doing this out of the pain of being jilted. The New York Post got more;

Airing out her would-have-been hubby’s dirty laundry, scorned sweetheart Andrea Noel took to TikTok, revealing she’d created an “ick list” of all her ex-fiancé’s flaws, including his penchant for sleeping in the same bed as his sister.

“My fiancé dumped me … I have been crying a lot. So, to stop myself from doing that and to make myself feel better, I decided to make an ‘ick list,’” Noel, 28, from Cleveland, explained to her more than 836,300 viewers.

She then deemed her breakup recovery process the beginning of her “unhinged” era before taking a huge swig of alcohol — straight from the bottle — and exposing her former honey’s many shortcomings.

“[He] slept in the bed with his sister until he was 22 years old,” said Noel before pausing for effect. “I swear to God.”

“[He had] no money,” she continued with a laugh. “His bank account was negative every two weeks. His mom was constantly like, ‘Hey, do you need anything? Are you going to get a job, maybe?’”

The betrayed bride went on to bash her ex for crying “every single day,” not having a job or home, not being able to do anything sans help from his parents and having sex dreams about his sister.

And, as if all that wasn’t bad enough, Noel also blasted the dud for failing to provide her with adequate emotional support in times of need.

“[He] left me to struggle while he played Fortnite,” she said of the unnamed guy’s addiction to the combat video game. “I would come home crying … And he would just be like, ‘Do you mind if I put my phones back on? I’m actually playing Fortnite with my cousins.’”

And, as the pièce de résistance, Noel revealed that her underwhelming ex was illiterate. “He can’t read well,” she clarified, “and he took a super long time to learn.”

Wagging the finger at herself for agreeing to marry a man with these less-than-impressive qualities, in a separate post, Noel blamed it on “love.”

“I was so in love with him,” she confessed. “And I had convinced myself that [he] was the best I could ever get.”

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