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Dolphins Fans Bring Out Strippers For Their Tailgate During Bills Game

NFL tailgates are some of the most diverse environments you will ever see.

Lots of fun. You could see people playing games, people jumping through tables like it’s the WWE. There are all kinds of food, and if you’re a Dolphins fan, you could see strippers.

Yes, strippers.

During a tailgate at the Dolphins and Bills game at Hard Rock Stadium, one of the tailgates had strippers twerking, and it’s probably on par for Miami.

The game was OUTSTANDING and included a butt punt, no pun intended.

Thomas Morstead stepped into the middle of Miami’s end zone, swung his powerful right leg and booted a punt.

Right into the backside of blocker Trent Sherfield.

Nearly the butt of a bad joke ending, the Dolphins held on for the last laugh against the reigning AFC East champions instead.

Miami overcame what was quickly dubbed the “butt punt” by shutting down Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills twice in the final minutes, improving to 3-0 with a 21-19 victory that ended with Allen desperately trying to spike the football on the edge of field goal range.

“I don’t like these shock endings,” Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said. “But I’m just really, really happy for the team because this much I do know: Teams win football games, and if you are going to have success over the long haul, you have to have confidence that whatever phase can win a football game for you, can go ahead and do that.”

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa briefly left the game in the second quarter, returning after halftime despite appearing to be disoriented by a head injury — the team clarified later that actually, he had an issue with his back. He finished with 186 yards and a touchdown pass to River Cracraft.

Allen was also scraped up, getting X-rays on his right hand after the game after banging it on a helmet or facemask. He insisted he was fine after.

The Dolphins’ defense did just enough to stall Allen twice in the fourth quarter, the first effort a goal-line stand that followed a go-ahead rushing touchdown by Miami’s Chase Edmonds.

Social media reacted as you’d expect.

Flip the page for the video of the strippers and some of the Twitter reactions.

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