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Escort Bianca Seirra On Why Married Men Are Paying Her For Relations

Australian escort Bianca Seirra has disclosed why so many married men are paying to have relations with her. I guess she’s a prostitute being patronized by a lot of unhappily married men.

According to the New York Post;

Sydney s*x worker Bianca Seirra went viral on TikTok after sharing some of the most common reasons that men with wives and children choose to see her. The 30-year-old captioned the clip with “What your husbands have taught me” before diving into all of the things she has learned from sleeping with other women’s husbands.

Her first statement surprised some of her followers, when she told them that they can “do better.” “You can do better. He can do more for you, he is just doing it with other women,” she began.

“You let him be comfortable. He loves the kids, and he doesn’t want the kids taken away. “That’s one of the main reasons why he’s staying. Nine times out of 10, they’re the ‘irresponsible parent’ and you’re the responsible one.

“They do love you, but with conditions. “Not all men cheat. The majority of men have fantasized about it, but there is a percentage that they know it’s not worth it.

“It’s the hunt that they want, not the catch, and they’ve already caught you. That’s why they’re hunting. If they couldn’t pay for it, they wouldn’t get it. They think that everyone wants them, they don’t.” She went on to clarify that her sleeping with people’s significant others had absolutely nothing do with “wanting them” — it is purely a business arrangement.

“I don’t want your man. I do want his money. You can do better,” she said. “These men are scared to communicate and say exactly what it is they want. They’re little boys. If they do leave you, they’re not leaving you for someone better. They’re leaving you for someone easier.

“I’m easy. You pay me and I am yours. There is no work to be done.” She added that many men seek time with her for “validation.”

“Some are very lovely and have big hearts. Pretty much the majority of them have mental illness,” she explained.“Sleeping with a younger, hotter woman is a way of validating themselves when they really could just go home to you and communicate.

“They think their woman won’t leave them. They do. They should.“If you feel like they’re cheating, they’re cheating. If you feel like they’re lying about something, they’re lying about something.

“If you can’t talk to your partner about these things, are they really your partner?“Women rule the world. Without us there would be nothing, and they know that. And that’s why they lie, manipulate, cheat, gaslight and love bomb. “They need to keep you at bay, from reaching your full potential, which is leaving them.”

They are probably also paying for discretion, so doing interviews might hurt her clientele.

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