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Floyd Mayweather Says Rematch With Conor McGregor Happening in 2023 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather did two exclusive interviews but said two different things.

The consensus is that he plans to fight Conor McGregor in 2023, but the details seem to be in flux.

Here is what he said to Sports Mail.

Mayweather said: ‘I want to go out there this weekend and have fun [against Mikuru Asakura]. Then I have another exhibition Dubai in November and me and Conor McGregor in 2023.

‘We don’t know if it’s going to be an exhibition or a real fight. But there’s been talks of both. I would prefer an exhibition.’

When asked why he would prefer an exhibition, Mayweather said: ‘I am not into fights where I am going to take any real punishment.

‘So, guys like Conor McGregor and guys that don’t really hit hard such as YouTubers or UFC guys, I don’t really mind colliding with those kinds of individuals but nothing where I am going to put myself in a position where I am going to harm myself or hurt myself.’

When speaking to TMZ Sports, Mayweather said it would be an actual boxing match, not an exhibition.

“They already talked to me about my number that I’m going to receive,” Floyd told us, adding, “9 figures.”

“You know we gotta start at least 100 million for Floyd Mayweather.”

It’s also significant that Floyd said “real fight” … meaning not an exhibition. In a pro bout, which Floyd says he wants, his perfect 50-0 record would be on the line.

Mayweather also revealed the likely location … the Raiders new football stadium in Las Vegas, Allegiant Stadium. The building fits roughly 65,000 fans … triple the amount of people held by many boxing venues.

Who knows exactly what will happen, but I do like that Floyd tells people up front he isn’t trying to fight hard. He is just trying to get paid.

When someone tells you upfront, you can’t get mad if people decide to partake in these exhibitions (or real fights).

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