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Ime Udoka Accused of Affairs With Two Married Celtics Staffers One Being Kathleen Nimmo Lynch

The streets are talking about Ime Udoka, and we need to clear up some things.

The first thing Allison Feaster, the woman widely spread on social media as the person Ime Udoka was having an affair with, is not the woman involved with Udoka. She is happily married by all accounts, with kids, so social media should leave her alone and delete all the comments and posts about her.

Secondly, people want to know why the Celtics are considering such an extreme punishment for an office affair.

The reason is that it simply wasn’t an office affair. Rumors are that Udoka was having relationships with married Celtics staffers. That wouldn’t be a big deal if they were married to a plumber, but in one case, it is being reported the woman is married to a Celtics Sr. Vice President. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over well when the affair was uncovered. Udoka was given an opportunity to end all his affairs quietly but chose not to.

A Celtics staffer Kathleen Nimmo Lynch deleted all her social media a few days before the story broke, leading people on social media to believe she was the staffer that Udoka was having the affair with via EFOCUS news, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

It seemed she was bracing for what was to come.

Kathleen Nimmo Lynch is the team service manager of the Boston Celtics. She has been appointed with the NBA franchise for more than seven years.

Kathleen Nimmo-Lynch and Ime Udoka, the head coach of the Boston Celtics, are said to have shared an improper intimate relationship.

Though it has been reported to be consensual, the relationship violates the organization’s discipline guidelines. It’s been said that a suspension is soon looming for both of them.

Many have even reported that the Celtic coach might be suspended, but in the NBA, coaching suspensions are rare.

In his first season, Ime Udoka rallied his team to the NBA finals, and Boston Celtics were set to enter as the favorites for this season. But now, the whole dynamic of the team has undoubtedly shifted.

Kathleen Nimmo Lynch is one of the female staff members of the NBA franchise Boston Celtics. The lady is currently making headlines as she shared an intimate relationship with the Boston Celtics Head coach Ime Udoka.

Lynch graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Science in 2006 and then went on to pursue her studies in Richmond, the American International University in London.

These affairs seem to be why Udoka and Nia Long have separated. Udoka has considered resigning, but it looks like the Celtics will suspend him for at least half, if not the entire, season.

So, here is your update.

There are likely even more wild details to come, and they likely won’t be pretty, so stay tuned.

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