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Bengals Ja’Marr Chase Dating IG Model Jaslyn Michelle While His Baby Mama Ambar Nicole Calls Him Deadbeat Dad

Word on the street is that Ja’Marr Chase and Instagram model Jaslyn Michelle are dating. No word from the alleged couple about the rumor, but from Instagram Stories of Jaslyn, they could be a thing and planning to make it public.

Side Action got the juice;

We received word that IG Model Jaslyn Michelle and Ja’Marr Chase are now a couple.

With two losses already in the books, there’s no time to waste before making the necessary changes in Cincinnati.

Ja’Marr Chase spoke about what the Bengals need to do.

“I just think people know how to adjust to us now,” Chase said, via the team’s website. “I feel like we need to learn to make more adjustments in game. Everybody knows what we’re going doing to do now. So everyone knows what to expect when we play.”

At least Ja’Marr is winning away from the field.

Chase has moved on from his off-and-on relationship with his baby mama, who had a lot of not-nice things to say about him.

Instagram model and possibly former girlfriend Ambar Nicole, took to IG to expose Chase claiming he screws anything that walks, and went on to say he doesn’t wash properly.

“@LAHJAY10_ Trash AF. Will f*ck anything walking. Don’t even wash his ass. This man whole life is cap AF!!! Don’t believe the hype this man really dirty in real life.”

She then posted a screenshot of a text conversation with her and Chase where she told him was pregnant and his response was simple…he told her to take a Plan B.

She also accused him of abuse while she was pregnant.

On her Instagram story via All Sports Culture when she deleted she claims that Chase put his hands on her while she was pregnant and called him a p*ssy with a pic of him in the background.

Chase, in text messages, previously said the baby wasn’t his, and she needed to take a “Plan B” drug. No word on if he now believes the baby is his and they are potentially living together.

She showed off a photo of her baby bump today, so it looks like it is close to the time for her to have the baby. Chase hasn’t claimed her and still doubts the baby is his, so I think this one will end up in court.

Ambar reacted to the news of his new girlfriend by calling him a deadbeat dad.

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