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LeBron James Goes Viral For Finally Cutting Off All His Hair and Going Bald

I am a cynic, so I am unsure if this is for some commercial or social media skit.

Remember when Anthony Davis cut off his unibrow? I was the first one to tell you it was fake. LeBron has been trying to save his hairline and bald spots for years with paint and hair implants.

LeBron James has been accused of getting a new lace front man-weave. In the past, Lebron has been criticized for a thinning hairline in the summer but having a full head of hair in the fall in time for the new season. In the past, it was thought that Lebron had undergone hair treatments to bring back his hairline but now it looks like it could be even more.

Recently LeBron posted a video where it looks like he’s in a barbershop or on the set of Space Jam 2 and it looks like Lebron could have gotten a man weave installed.

Now, we get this Instagram post of him completely bald.

Is it true, or will he pull a Costzana when the season starts?

Impressed by how attractive George is with his toupée, Kramer sets up a date for him. As he does not have a picture of her, they go to the police station where a sketch artist friend draws them a picture. There Jerry’s eye is caught by Sgt. Cathy Tierny. On their way, Kramer gives Chinese food leftovers to a homeless man. After eating, he refuses to return Kramer’s Tupperware container, leaving him no way to save his meals.

Jerry is introduced to Sgt. Tierny. She mentions Melrose Place, which Jerry says he has never watched. His manner is unconvincing, so she proposes using a polygraph to see if he is lying. George meets his date, Denise, and discovers she is bald. He goes to Jerry’s apartment and vents his disgust at Denise’s baldness. Outraged at his hypocrisy, Elaine tears off his toupee and throws it out the window. The homeless man takes it.

Wig-less George tells Jerry he is again himself, and will continue seeing Denise. When Jerry asks his advice on the lie detector test, he tells him that “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” Jerry takes the polygraph test, and cracks under questioning with regard to controversial plot developments in Melrose Place, which provoke him to vent his strong opinions on those controversies, exposing his familiarity with the series.

Denise dumps George, who becomes upset at being “rejected by a bald woman”. Kramer assumes Denise dumped him because she learned he is bald, and blames Elaine for throwing out his toupee. Elaine refuses to apologize, insisting that the wig made him look like an idiot and act like a jerk. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer all settle down to watch the new episode of Melrose Place.

As you can imagine, Twitter is having a field day with this.

Flip the pages to check out some of the reactions.

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