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Watch Bills Fan Get Kicked In The Face Outside Hard Rock Stadium In Miami

It appears there cannot be a game without a brawl. According to a viral video, one Bills fan got kicked in the face outside Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. These fans are always brawling.

According to Side Action;

A Buffalo Bills fan wearing a Josh Allen jersey was messed up badly outside of the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins game yesterday. He took a foot straight to the face before he was kicked and punched repeatedly. The incident all went down at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami during the game in the midst of Buffalo’s 21-19 loss to the ‘Fins. Based off the footage it’s hard to tell how the whole melee began, but footage from the scene shows a couple of Miami Dolphins fans getting into it with two Bills fans.

You can see in the video, both Buffalo Bills fans were thrown to the ground, and while the man in the Josh Allen jersey was trying to get up, he got kicked straight in the kisser.  The other Buffalo fan was jumped on as well. Another person in an Allen jersey attempted to break things up, but as the Buffalo fan was down,  a man sporting a Tua Tagovailoa jersey punched him in the head. Another shirtless guy jumped in and kicked him multiple times as well.

It was a tough day for Bills all the way around.

Miami overcame what was quickly dubbed the “butt punt” by shutting down Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills twice in the final minutes, improving to 3-0 with a 21-19 victory that ended with Allen desperately trying to spike the football on the edge of field goal range.

“I don’t like these shock endings,” Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said. “But I’m just really, really happy for the team because this much I do know: Teams win football games, and if you are going to have success over the long haul, you have to have confidence that whatever phase can win a football game for you, can go ahead and do that.”

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