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Watch Tekashi 6ix9ine Yell Out “F** Brittney Griner” After Landing In Russia To Perform

A video of Tekashi 6ix9ine yelling out “F** Brittney Griner” after landing in Russia to perform has got people talking and trashing him on the internet. I wouldn’t be surprised if 6ix9ine is also busted for some crime in Russia. One Putin is still president of the country, anything is bound to happen.

According to MTO News;

Tekashi 6ix9ine rebuffed the US Satte Department and traveled to Russia, and in a recent video, the New York native can be seen making disturbing comments towards the basketball star.

The rapper began by sending greetings and shoutouts to his friends, “You know we out here, he continued,” smiling in an all-black outfit while standing in a sparsely populated city square. “Sh** is crazy,” he continued.

As 6ix9ine inched closer to the cameraman, he lifted up his oversized sunglasses to show his full face, giggling after leaning in extra close to whisper “F*ck Brittney Griner.”

In case you’ve forgotten how Brittney Griner was busted in Russia, there you go;

Britney is caught in the middle of a geo-political power struggle where the Russian government is using her to force the US government into releasing dangerous Russian criminals from US jails.

And whole stars like Dennis Rodman have offered to go overseas and advocate for his fellow athlete’s freedom, the Chicago Bulls alumn was ultimately discouraged from doing do – and asked to leave it to the legal pros who have been tirelessly fighting for Griner to be reunited with her family.

They need to keep 69 over in Russia. Who in Russia even wants to watch 69 perform? That is the real question. I would have loved to see the faces at those concerts. Griner isn’t coming home anytime soon after being sentenced to 9 years in jail on drug charges.

It is a crazy world we are living in.

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