50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson Says He Can’t Live a Glamorous Life Off $6700 a Month in Child Support From His Dad – BlackSportsOnline
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50 Cent’s Son Marquise Jackson Says He Can’t Live a Glamorous Life Off $6700 a Month in Child Support From His Dad

50 Cent’s 25-year-old son Marquise Jackson has gone on ranting about the amount of money he paid in child support as he was growing up and according to him, $6,700 in child support wasn’t enough. Apparently, he wanted more so he could be comfortable and live a good life when growing up.

According to Vlad;

In the state of New York, parents without primary custody of their offspring are expected to devote 17% of their monthly income to child support until they have fulfilled their parental duties in accordance with state law. The average child in America is granted about $5,760 in child support a year, but according to Marquise Jackson, that financial figure is far below what he required in order to live a healthy life, growing up as the son of 50 Cent. The 25-year-old recently engaged in a passionate verbal exchange with Choke No Joke about the fact that he only received $6,700 in child support every month, from his famous father as a kid. Marquise’s plight was centered around not having a father in the picture, 50 Cent’s massive net worth, and his basic needs in the wake of a rocky relationship between his parents. But Choke No Joke offered pushback calling for Marquise to humble himself, citing that most families don’t even make $80K per year.

“I should not want for anything,” Marquise said during his discussion with Choke No Joke on IG live. “I’m not talking about I want a lambo, at the time I wanted at least socks. Basketball socks is twelve dollars. I should not want for anything right?”

“Now, hold on?” Choke No Joke replied. “At what age is this?”

“We ain’t even gotta worry about the age,” Marquise said. “It’s a general question. If you’re not gonna be there physically and emotionally, but you’re traveling [because] you gotta get your money, I should not want for anything right?”

“Okay, was [50 Cent] paying child support?” Asked Choke No Joke.

“Child support, I believe, came around when I was 12 or 13, or maybe 11,” responded Marquise. “Ten years of child support…It was like a million dollars I think or what [50 Cent] claims was a million dollars. It’s $6,700 a month.”

“And that can’t buy socks?” Said Choke No Joke.

“You’re comparing [my situation] to yourself, don’t do that. You’re talking about somebody who [had] problems with everybody [so] you can’t just live in any neighborhood. 81K is not a lot of money! [He] had beef with everybody in the streets [so we] can’t just live anywhere.”

From there, Choke No Joke brought up an interesting point about Marquise’s mom also being responsible for barring some of the financial responsibilities for his upbringing before breaking down the intricacies of child support legislation. To that, Marquise argued that his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, worked as a real estate agent while 50 Cent often complained about having to shell out money for child support. The conversation between Marquise Jackson and Choke No Joke recently went viral, sparking debates about the responsibilities of the primary guardian, the duties of the noncustodial parent, what the children involved are entitled to, and why.

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