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Ex-Hooters Waitress Selena Silveira Reveals ‘Strange’ Interview Process

An ex-Hooters waitress named Selena Silveira has detailed the strange interview process at the restaurant in a video that went viral and got people sharing their opinions on it.

Here is what Selena Silveira got to reveal via the NYP;

Selena Silveira, a nursing student and YouTuber, posted a video detailing her time with the chain restaurant.

According to Silveria, the interview process took around “10 minutes” and started with standard interview questions — but there was one part that she admitted was “weird.“

“[They asked me] Why do you want to work here? What do you think you can contribute to the job? How would you handle an unhappy customer in a situation?” she recalled.

“[Then] they brought me outside and took a full-body picture of me,” she revealed. “Which at first I thought was kind of weird.”

However, the ex-waitress clarified why they did that.

“But I later found out that it was so when they wanted to decide who they were going to hire they could remember what you look like,” she added.

Silveria, who is now studying to be a nurse, said the the chain doesn’t hire “waitresses” — but hires “Hooters girls.”

“That is kind of like a model casting,” she explained. “So it is at their discretion to pick and choose what kind of people they want to hire.”

Silveria elaborated that a Hooters girl is “basically a model” who has been cast “to play a role.”

“Just like any other model casting,” she said. “Hooters aka the directors would be able to choose what kind of models they want based on the look they want because that’s their business and that’s their brand.”

The nursing student said she would usually make between $100 to $500 a night in tips, but detailed some of the strict rules she had to follow.

“There’s a lot that goes into getting ready for work and that’s because of the strict image policy,” she explained, adding that you cannot have any artificially colored hair, no brightly-colored nails, must wear makeup and have your hair down.

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