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Lakers Kendrick Nunn’s Pregnant Baby Mama Blen Kiya Threatens to Fight Woman He’s Been DMing

Kendrick Nunn’s girlfriend Blen Kiya is serious about him even though he cheats on her with other women. She is going the extra mile by fighting with the bunch of women he has been messaging on Instagram.

Some women waste a lot of time on their hands because what busy woman would have time going back and forth with the women her partner has been messaging?

The last time Blen Kiya was in the news, she threatened to beat the hell out of a prostitute who claimed Kendrick Nunn was the father of her baby via BSO;

The Instagram posts are a little hard to follow, but I was able to piece together what is happening.

Lakers Kendrick Nunn and Blen Kiya have been dating for over a year now and seem to be in a pretty good place. They were just at a J. Cole concert, and she is at the games supporting her man.

There seems to be one small problem.

A woman is claiming that Nunn is the father of her son. It is unclear if she became pregnant while Nunn was with Ms. Kiya or if this was before they started dating.

Ms. Kiya seems to confirm the woman is either working towards or has gotten a legal judgment to get Nunn to take a DNA test to prove the child is his or he isn’t the father.

In the interim, though, it seems the woman is on Instagram with the child claiming that Nunn is the father and he isn’t doing his fatherly duties.

The woman might also be trolling Ms. Kiya, which made her go off on her own IG story.

For one, she calls the woman a prostitute, implying that Nunn might have paid for the sexual encounter. She goes on to speak how if they met face to face, she would put the woman in a bodybag.

She was very upset.

She says how the woman is destined to be a single mother, and no one will claim her child. I will assume she is saying if Nunn isn’t the father because the woman might not be able to track down the father.

I would hope she doesn’t mean if Nunn is the father, he plans to have nothing to do with the little boy.

This is just your standard Lakers’ drama. Everyone should be used to it by now.

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