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Cory Youmans Turns Down $3 Million For Aaron Judge’s 62nd Home Run Ball

How much would you sell a record-breaking object for?

It probably would depend on how things were going in life, right?

It turns out $3 million for record-breaking home run baseball isn’t enough. According to ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the baseball from Aaron Judge’s record-breaking 62nd home run is now headed to auction after the man who caught it, Cory Youmans, turned down a $3 million offer.

Cory Youmans, a 35-year-old from Dallas, told ESPN that “after weeks of a lot of deep conversations” with his wife, sports reporter Bri Amaranthus, and his lawyer, Dave Baron, they decided to sell the ball with the Goldin Auctions house.

“It seems fair in the sense it gives anyone that is interested and has the means the opportunity to own it,” Youmans said. “As a fan, I’m curious to see what it’s worth, who buys it and what they do with it.”

Discussions with a Yankees security official on the night Youmans caught the ball were pleasant, he said, but did not lead to a deal to return to Judge the home run that broke the American League record that had held since 1961.

Judge, speaking to reporters on a conference call after winning the AL MVP award Thursday night, was told Youmans turned down $3 million for the ball.

“That’s a lot of money. But I guess he’s got a better plan or thinks he can get some more,” Judge said. “He caught the ball, he’s the one that made the play out there in left field, so it’s his right to do what he wants with it. Hopefully he’s making the right decision for him and his family.”

Judge also said he will not be bidding on the ball, joking, “I haven’t signed my free-agent deal yet, so I think that’s a little out of my price range right now.”

If he gets more than $3.05 million for the baseball, it will be the most expensive from an auction. The current record is for Mark McGuire’s 70th home run.

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