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Patrick Beverley On Getting Death Threats From A Thunder Ball Boy After Running Into Russell Westbrook

It’s no secret that Patrick Beverley is near the top of the most hated list for OKC Thunder fans and will continue to be at the top for a long while.

He’s been a pest for many teams, which makes him hated by many fans, but it’s deeper than that for Thunder fans. It goes back to the 2013 playoffs when the Thunder were the number one seed in the West, and lots of people picked them to make it to the NBA Finals for a rematch against the LeBron James Heat.

The Rockets and Thunder met in the playoffs, and in game 2, Russell Westbrook was trying to call a timeout at half-court when Pat Bev ran into him, causing him to tear his meniscus and miss the rest of the playoffs.

It started a beef between Russ and Pat Bev, which caused beef between Thunder fans and Pat Bev.

Bev hasn’t talked about the incident much until now, and Thunder fans were furious at him for it. On his “The Pat Bev Podcast,” he spoke of how he received death threats from a Thunder ball boy because of the incident. He also said when they got back to OKC, he had police officers with him, a police car in front of his house back in Houston, and cops with him everywhere he went.

Now the two are teammates, and all seems to be good.

The Lakers are still terrible, but at least Beverley is still alive.

A day before the Los Angeles Lakers’ win over the Brooklyn Nets — just L.A.’s third victory in 13 games played this season — the team held a seminal film session on Saturday. It wasn’t so much what was seen, but what was said that made an impact, according to the Lakers’ leaders.

“We had conversations that a team that was 2-10 should have, you know?” Anthony Davis said Wednesday after practice. “About what each player can do better, what we were going to do better collectively. Coaching staff. Medical staff. Everybody. We just wanted to figure this thing out leading up to the day of the Brooklyn game. And it worked out for us.”

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