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Giants Fans Get Shocked Over Empire State Building Celebrating Eagles’ Super Bowl Berth

Fans on Twitter couldn’t believe their eyes after seeing the Empire State Building celebrate the Eagles’ Super Bowl Berth. According to the New York Post, “the Empire State Building was seen green on Sunday night”.

Moments after the Philadelphia Eagles demolished the San Francisco 49ers in the 2023 NFC Championship game, 31-7, to advance to Super Bowl 2023, the official Twitter account for the New York City landmark announced it would illuminate in green and white to celebrate.

“Fly @Eagles Fly! We’re going Green and White in honor of the Eagles NFC Championship Victory,” the message read.

The fallout from the post was unsurprisingly swift, with some deeming the lighting choice as an insult to the Empire State’s own New York Giants, who were ousted from the playoffs last week by their loathed division rivals.

“New Yorker here. Wtf are you doing Empire State Building?!! Is this a joke?” one user tweeted while another remarked, “I need the Empire State Building to not be supporting the eagles this is insane.”

“I can’t believe the Empire State Building would betray the Giants like this,” a user remarked.

Other Twitter users, including ESPN’s Mina Kimes, were among those asking if the Empire State Building had lost a bet. The New York Giants’ Twitter account also remarked, “I’m just here for the comments.”

“Absolute disgrace Empire State Building. When would Philadelphia EVER do something like this for NY. Did you lose a bet or something?!?” one user exclaimed as another seethed, “I’m sorry what the f–k is this. We are New Yorkers. We don’t like the damn eagles. The f–k are we doing.”

The building, however, was not deterred. The account followed up with a tweet responding to Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, with Portnoy himself feigning to cry.

Elsewhere, the Knicks’ Jalen Brunson remarked, “Lol what,” while Adam Beasley, the NFL Director of Pro Football Network, said, “Trolling your own citizens is a bold choice.”

The Empire State Building then changed its lights to Chiefs colors after Kansas City knocked off the Bengals in the AFC Championship game.

“This hurt us more than it hurt you,” the Twitter account for the Empire State Building wrote along with a photo of the building in Chiefs colors.

The Eagles and Chiefs will face each other in Super Bowl 2023 on Feb. 12.

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