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Three Women Are Claiming to Have Babies By Ja’Marr Chase and Want Tickets to AFC Championship Game

Ja’Marr Chase is in the news again, not for setting a new NFL record but for baby mama issues. It’s rumored Ja’Marr Chase has a third baby mama, and she’s been identified as Ms. Noelle on Instagram.

Ms. Noelle made some bold claims on Instagram that Ja’Marr Chase has only one kid, and that’s her child and that the other baby mamas should f***k off. She has named her child with Ja’Marr Chase as Ja’Marr Chase Jr. and claims he’s the chosen child.

The last time Ja’Marr Chase was in the news, it was about his baby mama Ambar Nicole calling him out for abusing her and being a deadbeat dad via SportsKeeda;

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase is being called an abusive partner and father. The second-year wide receiver’s baby mother posted screenshots on Instagram calling him abusive and asking the NFL to take action. She even went so far as to say he should be removed from the league.

According to The Info Spot, Ambar Nicole shared screenshots of a conversation she had with Chase, showing him to be a cold, uncaring individual. She also posted a story with the character traits of a narcissist, insinuating that that’s what the Bengals star is.

The most damaging claim comes in the form of Nicole’s rant that was posted with a screenshot of the conversation. In it, she says:

“Get this abuser Ja’Marr out of the league. I’m tired of this abuser and deadbeat abusing and threatening me. Calling your own child a b***h. And having your mom threatening to come to my house. You cannot call yourself a man, you are in fact a horrible person!”

As it stands, no evidence has been brought to light and there are no criminal charges against the wide receiver. As a result, action by the NFL is not very likely right now. However, should this continue, there may be reason for authorities or the NFL to intervene and punish the wide receiver. For now, he’ll continue to suit up each week for the Bengals.

Ambar Nicole is the mother to Chase’s child. She was an Instagram model who has previously accused the wide receiver of domestic violence. She had over 12,000 Instagram followers, but her account is not active right now.

The two have had a tumultuous relationship since the rumors of it began. They went back and forth on social media and for a while, Chase implied that what she said wasn’t true.

Ja’Marr Chase is yet to respond to his alleged third baby mama, which I doubt he would.

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