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Alexa Collins Goes Viral With Workout Video Showing Hourglass Figure

Alexa Collins is back at it.

She is promoting her workout videos and the world is going nuts.

People are saying she could be the next Instagram Model that will crossover to the mainstream.

What do you think?

Alexa Collins has a snatched waist, and she just revealed how fans could obtain a similar silhouette.

The influencer has promoted many companies over the years, in addition to swimwear lines. Alexa has also publicized Florida-based gyms as she motivates others to live healthily.

Alexa’s recent share featured a waist trainer, and while that wouldn’t help get someone in shape, it could help slim down the waist.

The Boca Raton native treated her 2.4 million Instagram followers to a quick workout from the comfort of her backyard.

To achieve the best results, Alexa combined her waist training with an intense workout routine that included squats, lunges, and other exercises that targeted the glutes.

The video started with Alexa in selfie mode, recording her reflection in a mirror that stood outside. She rocked burgundy spandex shorts, a sleeveless tank top, and a WHAT WAIST waist trainer as she prepared to do a quick workout.

The backing track was an energetic remix of Feeling Good by Nina Simone and Austin Millz, adding an upbeat feel to the share.

Then, Alexa began her exercise routine with reverse leg lifts, made more challenging thanks to a resistance band. Alexa alternated legs, slowly raising each for a targeted workout.

It is good to see someone promoting a workout over getting surgery.

It seems like many women are just trying to create a body instead of actually working for it and it shows.

There is a lot people can learn from Collins one would say and I can guarantee you will love these thirst traps.

Flip the pages for the video and photos.

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