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Amber Rose on What She’s Willing to Do For Eagles Super Bowl Tickets

Amber Rose wants to go to the Super Bowl but she ain’t get tickets so she’s looking to eat the a** of whoever can get her tickets to the Super Bowl. On her Instagram Story, Amber wrote;

“Yo, who’s ass I gotta eat to get tickets to the Super Bowl?” she wrote on Instagram. Bitch I’ll have a bussy eatin’ contest for them tickets #FlyEaglesFly.”

MTO News got more;

Amber Rose really wants to attend to the Super Bowl and is willing to go to the extreme to get tickets.

Years ago, Amber revealed to the world that her ex Kanye West allegedly enjoys ass play during sex.

“Awww @kanyewest are u mad I’m not around to play in ur asshole anymore? #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch” Rose tweeted in 2016.

Ye addressed the allegations: “Exes can be mad but just know I never let them play with my ass… I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together”

He added, “I’m not into that kind of sh-t… I like pictures and videos Me and my wife got the kind of love that can turn exes into best friends.”

Amber Rose wonders why she is single this may be why.

Amber Rose is single and she expects to remain that way, possibly forever.

During an appearance on the Sofia with an F podcast, hosted by Sofia Franklyn, Amber – a model and actress with a reputation of sleeping with any and everyone in entertainment – opened up about her relationship history. Amber recalled her past with Kanye West, 21 Savage and ex-husband Wiz Khalifa — and shared her thoughts on how men, in general, have changed over time.

“It’s worse than ever,” she said. “They’re pretty disgusting out here. They’re f—ing gross. Like, I wanna be single for the rest of my life.”

She reiterated, “I don’t want to share my house or my life with anyone. I don’t want anyone around my kids. I don’t want to have xes … It’s so gross. I don’t want it.”

She added that she’s okay with the idea of being “a lesbian,” but is also content “being by myself.” “I’m very happy to not be in my bed with anyone,” said Rose, 39.

Amber’s comments seem to be aimed at her ex-boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards, 36, who is now dating singer Cher, 76.

Amber and AE were together for three years before ending in August 2021, after Amber accused AE of cheating on her with at least 12 different people.

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