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Watch Ex-NFL RB Arian Foster Claim That NFL Games Are Rigged

Former NFL RB Arian Foster claims that the NFL games are rigged. According to Foster, the NFL operates like the WWE. He also added that the games are scripted and he even added that he knew the outcomes of the games.

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Former Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins running back Arian Foster has lent his voice to the theory proclaiming that NFL games are rigged with claims that the league operates like WWE.

Fans decried the same on Sunday as both the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs had some key calls go their way.

The Eagles ultimately scored a touchdown helped by a Devonta Smith catch which replays show wasn’t actually a catch, while the Chiefs got away with an illegal blocking play before Patrick Mahomes got fouled on that scramble.

There was also that do-over third down on KC’s end in which they got to replay said down as they were preparing to punt because an official had tried to stop play.

Foster has since fueled the conspiracy, stating outright that he knew what the outcomes of games were going to be because they’re all scripted.

“We were really dedicated to [the NFL’s script],” he said on the Macrodosing podcast this week. “So, it was more, like, that’s what practice was about, practicing the script. This is what goes on. This is what we have to do… It’s like WWF, so we know what’s going to happen, but you still have to put on a show.”

Foster also joked that the scriptwriters had nothing to do with his departure from the Texans in 2015.

“That was 2015, actually. The scriptwriters had nothing to do with [my religious choices]. It was more so that they needed a change of scenery in Houston,” he noted. “They wanted to get everyone out of Houston, that was the ultimate goal.”

Of course, Foster was likely joking on both counts, but there will be many fans who will run with this once they catch wind of it. It’s also worth noting that Foster has taken lots of shots at the NFL since his retirement in 2016.

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