Adele’s Inner Circle Thinks No Knew Rich Paul Before They Dated and He’s Using Her For Clout – BlackSportsOnline
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Adele’s Inner Circle Thinks No Knew Rich Paul Before They Dated and He’s Using Her For Clout

I understand.

Most of Adele’s friends are probably from the UK and clearly know nothing about American sports, so they are just saying what they believe to be true.

If they weren’t so ignorant, they would have known that Rich Paul is one of the most powerful sports agents in the world before he ever spoke to Adele.

He is also the agent and advisor of one of the world’s top five most recognizable sports figures, LeBron James. Paul did not need Adele to get into any Hollywood circles. He is a made man.

Here is the report via Radar Online.

Adele is raring to race to the alter with new fiancé Rich Paul — but friends fear the sports agent will leave the hitmaker singing the blues, has learned.

“Rich is a very charming, influential guy. But the worry is he’s using Adele to boost his Hollywood profile and it’ll all end in tears once he’s gotten bored with her,” dished an insider.

“Before they went public, hardly anyone had heard of the guy. Now he’s front and center at all the big events, soaking up the limelight and encouraging her to get out there and party alongside him,” one source shared.

The source added that pals worry Paul, 41, is a “questionable influence,” who’s “sucked her into this splashy, flashy environment.”

Another spy blabbed the former skirt-chaser has smitten Adele “eating out of the palm of his hand” — but confidants are concerned “one day he’ll just take off and move on to his next conquest.”

I am sure Adele loves that her friends, who she is confiding in, decide to run to Radar to tell the world about how she is feeling about their relationship.

Remember she had to beg Rich to come back after he contemplated moving on, so who is precisely using who?