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Cops Do Welfare Check on Ja Morant After He Tells Loves One Goodbye

This morning, there were concerns about Ja Morant’s mental health after he posted some cryptic messages on social media that some people thought might be a suicide note. In these posts, he bid farewell to his father, mother, and young daughter. People were worried about his well-being and even sent the police to his home to check on him.

Here is what happened when cops got to Morant’s house.

Police tell TMZ Sports officers did a welfare check on Ja Morant following his cryptic social media posts on Wednesday … and, thankfully, they discovered he is not in any danger.

A spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said cops went to the NBA star’s home in Tennessee shortly after Morant shared the concerning messages on his Instagram page … and they say he told them simply “that he is taking a break from social media.”

“He is fine,” the spokesperson added.

In Morant’s posts, he shared pictures of him with his mom, dad, and daughter … before writing a caption that said nothing more than “bye.” The posts were deleted a short time later.

Of course, given the turmoil that’s surrounded him since he was seen brandishing a gun on video for the second time in less than three months … his fans expressed big worry for the 23-year-old basketball player.

Fortunately, though, seems everything is OK.

The Grizzlies have currently suspended Morant and the NBA is investigating him for displaying a gun on camera. This is concerning, especially since he had previously promised to be more responsible with his firearms and social media presence. It seems that the newfound fame and fortune of being a young NBA superstar worth millions may be challenging for Morant to handle. As the wise Patrick Ewing once said, we earn a lot of money, but we also spend a lot of money. It’s crucial for Morant to exercise caution since even a millionaire like him can easily lose everything by making poor choices.