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Watch Video Exposing How Celtics-Heat Game 6 Was Allegedly “Rigged” For Boston

There is a compelling video making waves on the internet exposing how Celtics-Heat Game 6 was allegedly rigged for Boston and the reactions from fans are wild. Is the video really compelling enough to believe the game was rigged for Boston Celtics?

TPS has details;

It seems like after every big sporting event these days, there are at least a handful of people who are able to come up with theories explaining how the game in question was rigged.

While some of these videos can be flat-out preposterous, others tend to at least get the people thinking that maybe, just maybe, there was something a little fishy going on.

This latest video regarding Saturday night’s Game 6 thriller between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat probably falls into the latter category.

The Celtics appeared to have things wrapped up late in the fourth quarter, but then things got wild.

The Miami Heat came storming back and actually looked to have the game wrapped up after Jimmy Butler hit his three free-throws with three seconds remaining to put his team up by one. But then the unthinkable happened, as Derrick White tipped in a Marcus Smart miss at the buzzer to give Boston the unimaginable victory, sending this series to Game 7.

The NBA has to be loving this, as two of their marquee teams are providing fans with one of the best playoff series they’ve seen in a while. It’s the perfect storyline, with the storied Celtics on the verge of becoming the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-0 deficit to win a seven-game series…

But are they getting some help from the league and its officials?That’s what Instagram user @allhailbball seems to be implying in his conspiracy theory video, as he points to two key issues from late in the ball game.

The first was a Duncan Robinson defensive foul, which looked more like an offensive foul on Marcus Smart.

As for his second claim, it’s that there was an extra .5 seconds placed on the clock for the Celtics’ final play, which actually turned out to be the difference.

Interesting stuff, but let’s be honest here. There are tons of missed calls, including two that the NBA’s “L2M”Last Two Minute” report claimed went in favor of the Heat.

Either way, we’re going to Game 7. It should be a fun one… And don’t be surprised if it produces another conspiracy theory or two.

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