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Woman Lied About Odell Beckham Jr. Choking Her at Restaurant

The cops must start putting women who lie about an assault in jail.

When women lie about being assaulted in any way by men, it makes it harder for real assault victims to come forward and to be believed in the eyes of the public.

Until the women who do lie are punished, you will continue to get stories like this involving Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is off the hook in his assault case … prosecutors said this week they will NOT hit him with criminal charges after concluding their investigation into the allegations against the NFL star.

The probe initially kicked off back in April — after a woman alleged Beckham put his hand around her neck during an encounter at Delilah, a popular restaurant in Los Angeles.

The woman, according to law enforcement, claimed the 30-year-old Super Bowl champion went up to her and grabbed her throat with light pressure.

But, prosecutors said on Tuesday surveillance video from the lounge “contradicts the complaining witness’ account of events.”

“The video does not capture any battery,” prosecutors added.

Officials also said there were no other witnesses who could corroborate the alleged victim’s story … explaining that even a friend of the complainant — who they said was standing next to Beckham and the woman during the alleged incident — did not see an assault take place.

According to prosecutors, there was simply “insufficient evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The woman hasn’t been named and will face any consequences for her lies. Imagine if there was no video footage or witnesses. It is possible that Beckham could have faced punishment not just from the cops but also from the NFL, which could have put his season in jeopardy.

From the start, Beckham proclaimed his innocence and stated it was nothing but a money grab.