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Watch Drunk Stripper Grace Spoonamore Attempt To Seduce Ohio Police Officer After She Was Stopped For A Hit-and-Run

People have a way of getting away with a crime, especially during traffic stops. Well, drunk stripper Grace Spoonamore thought she could use her stripping skills and woman power to seduce an Ohio police officer after she was stopped for a hit-and-run.

The whole encounter was captured on camera and now, it’s going viral on the internet. The good thing is that Grace couldn’t use her seduction skills to let the officer allow her to go as she got arrested.

A ‘drunk’ stripper was caught trying to seduce an Ohio police officer during her hit-and-run traffic stop in newly released body cam footage.

Grace Spoonamore, 20, was taken into custody by Brunswick police in April after she allegedly slammed into a Chevy Cruze within clear view of a uniformed officer. 

In footage from the arrest, Spoonamore – who appears visibly intoxicated – attempts to flirt and seduce the officer, even telling him to taser her as she ‘likes it kinky.’ 

At one point, as the officer tells her to get into the police car, Spoonamore calls him ‘handsome man’ and says: ‘You feel some type of way cause my leg ain’t in the car?’ 

An edited version of the original one-hour bodycam video has gone viral on YouTube, amassing more than 1 million views in four days. 

According to a police report obtained by, the 20-year-old woman was driving in a blue Buick Enclave which came back with felony warrants attached. 

The officer observed the woman speed off at a green light and slam into another car, prompting him to begin following her as she appeared to be fleeing from him.

The cop eventually pulled her over, and the officer noted Spoonamore appeared disoriented with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. 

In the video, she initially denies being under the influence but then tells the officer that she had ‘two doubles’ of patron at ‘Trick’s’ house. 

She later told a second responding officer that she had really had three doubles, which amounts to six total drinks. 

After being put in handcuffs, Spoonamore is asked if she has anything on her, which causes her to laugh and tell the officer, ‘I don’t know, you want to check me?’ 

As she is sitting in the patrol car, Officer Dominick Demedal asks the Georgia native what her current address is, which she refuses to give. 

‘Don’t worry bout all that,’ she responds. ‘I’m not giving it to you.’  

‘What are you going to do if I don’t?’ she asks. 

‘Charge you with obstruction,’ he says. 

‘Construction of what?’ she responds before he states ‘official business.’ 

‘Okay, that’s cool, I don’t care,’ Spoonamore yells back. 

During another wild moment, Demedal is caught off guard as Spoonamore tells him that she is a stripper at an undisclosed club. 

‘Where’s that,’ he responds. 

‘What the f**k do you mean what’s that?’ she states. ‘You know.’  

As Demedal is filling out the paperwork for the arrest and prior to her alcohol and drug testing, Spoonamore allegedly spat on Brunswick Officer Robert Dugan.

The incident was not caught on camera but the moments after show Spoonamore kicking on the car’s plexiglass divider as the officer tries to speak with her.

Minutes later, she is seen crying and telling the officers she doesn’t trust them and asks if she can step out of the patrol car and talk to the two male officers ‘woman to woman.’ 

Another peculiar moment during the arrest comes when one of Spoonamore’s buddies approaches the officers and tells them she is looking for her friend. 

The unidentified woman tells officers that Spoonamore had ‘left the family function and was in this area’ and was concerned for her. 

The officers then tell her about the drunk driving, hit-and-run, and the assault on a police officer, saying: ‘Yeah, she’s going to jail.’ 

Cops then ask the friend if they can give her address or tell them how long she has lived in the Northeast Ohio area but she says she doesn’t know and asks ‘why does that matter?’ 

As the officers were carting the Georgia woman off to the police station, she threatens to ‘piss on’ the officer’s face, but only if he ‘likes it.’ 

She ultimately does pee her pants in the backseat of the cruiser. 

‘I couldn’t help it,’ she says as they walk into the police station. 

While standing and waiting for her mugshot to be taken, she repeatedly attempts to take off her pants while the officer looks for a female officer to help her. 

Spoonamore steps out of the blue box taped on the floor as he tells her to stay there until she steps to him and says she would be okay with getting tasered. 

‘You want to tase me? Do it. I like it. I like it kinky,’ she says. 

As the officers take the woman back out of the station and to a patrol car, she begins screaming and crying and claiming that they are going to rape her. 

‘You’re going to rape me, stop trying to rape me,’ she calls out. 

She then lays down and resists being put in the vehicle to go to the hospital, kicking and yelling that they are trying to take her ‘down to Mexico.’ 

The officers comment on the odd Mexico statement while she sits in the car screaming, asking ‘where does that come into play?’ to no answer. 

Online, some social media users have speculated and wondered if the 20-year-old from Georgia may have been sexually trafficked. 

The video ends with Spoonamore and Demedal in the patrol vehicle on the way to the hospital as she continues to weep. 

The woman was ultimately arrested on suspicion of speeding, operating a vehicle under the influence, obstructing official business and simple assault on an officer.

Medina County court records show she has been charged with at least one count of harassment with a bodily substance, purportedly for spitting on the officer. 

Spoonamore will next appear before a judge on September 18 for pretrial.

Her criminal trial is set to begin October 2 in Brunswick.

It’s good the police officer never fell for Grace Spoonamore’s seduction and dealt with her professionally as it’s supposed to. The policing job is a serious one and should be taken seriously by all officers.

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