Did Lebron James Father a Love Child With Journalist Sharon Reed? Her Lawyer Says No

For the record this isn’t new.

The rumored affair has been out there for years, since Lebron was with the Cavs and well before he took his talents to South Beach.

If you have been reading the site for awhile or followed me on Twitter, you already know my stance in regard to athletes cheating.

I believe 99% do and the only reason I don’t say 100% is because I don’t like to speak in absolutes. I don’t know what Lebron James does with his free time, but is he any different than any other athlete when it comes to having women on the side?

I doubt it.

Just having an alleged side piece though isn’t breaking news. It is irrelevant to anything that is happening on the court. I don’t expose players just because I have inside knowledge, there has to be a news element to it.

It is the reason even though I knew Dwight Howard had multiple kids for years, I only reported it when it became a legal matter in a child custody hearing.

With Lebron the rumors have credence because it is being speculated that Ms. Reed lost her job at a Cleveland television station after she became pregnant with Lebron’s child. Her behavior in the social media world didn’t help calm the rumors.

NBA champion LeBron James has a love child with fired 19 Action News WOIO Cleveland television anchor Sharon Reed, who was reportedly axed for violating the morals clause in her contract.

There are multiple reports that James, a native of Akron, Ohio, who played for the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, fathered a child with Sharon Reed.

Sandra Rose, citing unnamed sources, said James has been covering up the love child.

“According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years — while he was with Savannah,” the website reported. “When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games. When Reed turned up pregnant last year there was no doubt in anyone’s minds who the baby’s father was.”

The love child rumors are even more juicy considering Reed now lives in Miami, where King James won a championship with the Heat last month for his first NBA title.

Sharon Reed appeared to make references to the rumors on her Facebook page and Twitter account.

She posted “definition of HALF-WIT” along with synonyms on her Facebook and Twitter, although she gave no other referenced to the love child rumors.

Around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, she posted the following Mark Twain quote on both pages:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Reed also posted a tweet saying she will be “responding soon to what many of you are asking,” according to gossip site Madame Noire. That tweet and an ominous posting saying “all I do is spend money” have since been taken down off Sharon Reed’s account.

A lot of circumstantial evidence, but no smoking gun.

Because of that when another website reported on the possibility of Ms. Reed having Lebron’s love child, her lawyer shot off a very strong cease and desist letter to the site saying the rumors were false.

Here is part of the letter.

I am Sharon Reed’s attorney. Your company has published on its website outrageous irresponsible falsehoods regarding Sharon Reed.

You are on notice your statements regarding Ms. Reed’s relationships are absolutely false, libelous and extremely damaging.

I am appalled that you would publish such lies without ever contacting Ms. Reed or her representatives. Ms. Reed is a top-rated award-winning journalist. Your conduct falls below the lowest standard of professionalism.

Pretty strong words from Ms. Reed’s lawyer.  Does that mean it isn’t true?  That is something only you can decide.  If it was true it wouldn’t just be damaging to Ms. Reed’s reputation, but also Lebron.

Lebron has been scandal free throughout his career, but a love child with a news anchor while being engaged to the mother of his two sons wouldn’t be a very good look.

Also, anytime you deny or don’t claim a child that says a lot about the type of man you are.

I can’t say 100% one way or another if it is true.  If I knew I would tell you, what I do know as I told you right at the beginning is that the alleged affair has been rumored for years.

We may never know the truth (at least until the kid is 6’6″ in high school), but what we do know is that Skip Bayless is probably calling Broussard’s sources to find out if this is legit or not.

Unfortunately those sources are just people on Twitter, so I don’t know how helpful it will be.

Lebron James is now a champion and since he has his ring, people will go searching for anything they can to discredit him true or not.  It is the type of society that we are living in now.

Uneasy is the head that wears the Crown.


Some NSFW pics have been uncovered of Sharon Reed



Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline

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