The Curse of Bill Belichick’s Hat

If you are looking for one reason why the Patriots lost today I present to you:


Similar to Jake Delhomme and his goat, Tony Romo and his “correctly worn” ball cap and Jamarcus shrugs, you can not underestimate things like this.

The Football Gods do not like to be made fun of and while they like Belichick’s gusto on 4th downs you can not tempt fate.

Wearing a 5 year old skull hat with little ball on top to a playoff football game is a bad omen. What happened to the Belichick who wore a hoodie with cut off sleeves acting like he was Tyrese on the sidelines?

That was Gangster Belichick. I miss that Belichick.

This kid hat wearing Belichick was punting at his opponents 36 yard line on 4th down when they are down by 17. Obviously the hat takes the powers from “Gangster Belichick”.

How can your team take you seriously when you look like this?

The Ravens saw that hat, laughed and went on to blast the Patriots.

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