Phil Mickelson Wins The Masters..Tiger Will Be Ok

I will refrain from making any jokes about Tiger Woods shooting a 69 in his final round, I will leave that to people who actually think they are funny enough to handle that.

The overall point for Tiger is that aside from a few fly overs and a couple of people in the media overracting to some things he said on the golf course, it was a pretty routine weekend.

The Masters is the biggest golf tournament of the year and to be honest, Tiger was fine.   He finished fourth and had plenty of opportunities to win the event, so those who thought he would just fall off the map were way off in that assessment.

My thinking now is that the best thing he can do is just keep playing; less press conferences and more eagles should be his mantra.   Porn stars will still show up from time to time, but for the most part I think the fascination is over.  It has run its course.

The bigger story to me was how Phil Mickelson just went out and took the Masters championship.  Nothing cheap about that victory; he simply played better than everyone else for the entire week.  There was a time when Phil was labeled a “choker” and now he has three green jackets.

In the end we all got to see some good golf, and hopefully we can put all this Tiger foolishness behind us.   That goes for Tiger, the media, and the fans.

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