Video of Vince Young Fight At Club Onyx

All I can say … this is not going to end well when Roger Goodell sees this.

I know I have said it 100x times today, but you just have to be smarter than this, you can’t be fighting in the broom closet office of a strip club, you are better than this, Vince Young.

If I am Jeff Fisher, I have my hands in my face and I’m saying over and over:


I don’t care what was said, unless he was in some physical danger, he has to do better.  He will never reach elite status with this type of poor judgment.  What concerns me is that Vince has a history of bad decision making on and off the field, so it makes you wonder if he can change.

If I was betting your money, I would say he won’t.

6 thoughts on “Video of Vince Young Fight At Club Onyx

  • if Big Ben can change then so can he, long time no hear Rob

  • You are right, hadassah… Bothe of these guys are in the same boat and neither of these morons will really change.. Not even for all those millions! Stupid is as stupid does.

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