30 Miami Heat Sales Employees Fired Thanks To The South Beach NWO

You maybe asking yourself. What do I mean with causalities?  No, the South Beach NWO didn’t kill anyone. That would be the story of our lifetime if a professional athlete gang went around killing people. But what went down today they might have well have well killed people.

As we all know, when Lebron’s decision went down most of us became Lebron/Heat haters. The other people, Miami Heat fans and bandwagoners rejoiced clamoring their love for Heat. They showed their admiration by upon hearing rumors that Lebron was definitely coming to South Beach going into season ticket buying frenzy. Heat ticket servers were frozen and phone lines jammed. Eventually they sold out of all season tickets. Now we get into situation today.

The Miami Herald is reporting that the staff of about 30 in charge of selling season tickets have been terminated. Reason why? In a statement released by Heat they say: becuase

“…we no longer require a season ticket sales team to sell tickets.”

And to not appear cold they left workers with this statement.

“While the decision to release part of our sales force was a difficult one, we greatly appreciate their contributions to the company,” the statement continued. “We have also hired a placement service to assist those individuals find new employment.”

It is what is. It’s part of the business whether at Wall Street or Team Office. If you are expendable boss in business move will terminate you to save some money. This is the case here. One terminated person understands

“They let us go because there was really nothing left to do anymore,”

Not going to pretend to know the workers financial situations, hell, they very well could be better off than all of us. It still must hurt especially in this economy. To be fair to Miami Heat, the Knicks sold out season tickets and Bulls were on their way last checked based on Lebron & Friends speculation. Assuming organizations follow the save money at all cost business model, those organization could downsize their offices for same reason. As for Lebron & friends it shows you how a single “decision” could affect so many people. It was bad for all these workers but certainly good for local business owners and hotels. Stay tuned for more, because you know there will be more stories….

Now to leave something you with something to contemplate. According to ESPN’s NBA attendance data from last year, The Miami Heat where ranked 15th of 30 NBA teams in attendance. That is slightly behind Bosh’s Raptors at 14, GS Warriors at 11, Pistons at 8, and NY Knicks at 5. You know what those teams mentioned also have in common? No Playoffs! How does a decent Heat team who went to playoffs and anchored by a top 5 NBA player in Wade manage to fall behind in attendance to those teams. Obviously this year they will be number 1 in attendance at home and the road. Wouldn’t be surprised if they set a attendance record. Just just keep in mind. What happened to the “Heat fans” last year.

PS, you maybe asking yourself why is Carlos Arroyo in the background. I have no idea why Arroyo is pictured in back. Maybe becuase today is his birthday and want to do something special for him or the artist needs a token Latino in pic to justify writing Spanish even though only “el” is technically only Spanish word. #kanyeshrug

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.

7 thoughts on “30 Miami Heat Sales Employees Fired Thanks To The South Beach NWO

  • Arroyo was the second highest selling heat jersey last year (higher than Beasley). He is in the picture because of the latino population in Miami.

  • Uhm the city is a band wagon city any way the only support if the team is winning look at the marlins…they only start getting sell outs if they r in the playoffs or bout to make the world series… Everything else besides football u have to be very good… But football is king in south florida….

  • Like I been sayin', it is bad news for these folks to lose their jobs, but Heat paid money to make this happen and it happened. No big shocker. Maybe they can get work in some other capacity selling to the new thousands of fans who will flood the games, hotels, tourist traps, restaurants, or even on the construction crews for LeBron's mansion!

  • Construction Jobs in todays economy are hard to come by and this is made even more problematic given that prospective employers are becoming increasingly difficult to satisfy. Personally, I think that the world markets should see vast improvements within the next sixmonths and this should make everyones financial position easier to handle.

  • so much for leading the league in attendance. they sell out more on the road than at home. weak sauce.

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