Memo to Tiger Woods’ Mistress Devon James..You Are Pathetic

In general I normally don’t care about women trying to get their 15 minutes of fame off athletes. If an athlete is dumb enough to break lamps” with these ladies it is what they get for their bad judgment.

So if Porn Stars want to have press conferences or mistresses want to release sex tapes I just “Jamarcus Shurg”, since it is really much to do about nothing.

What I do have a problem with are women who use their children for “attention whoring” purposes and that brings us Devon James.

She is one of the “Tigerstyling” girls.

She is has an 8 year old son and she claims Tiger is the father.

One problem though all the DNA shows:

A- Tiger isn’t the dad.
B- Some other guy has been identified as the father.

So what does James do according to She keeps going to court trying to get Woods’ to submit to another DNA test while walking around in a “Tiger Woods is my Baby Daddy” T-Shirt.

I am sure her son is going to be very proud of his mom when he grows up.

Miss James you are pathetic and your foolish attempts of attention whoring is only going to effect your son in the long run.  It is bad enough he has to hear his mom is a porn star, don’t make it worse.

Grow up and be more concerned about being a mother to your child than a whore to the TMZ.