Lebron James & Maverick Carter Play “Race” Card In Response To Critics of The Decision

You might find this hard to believe, but I am black.

This may shock Lebron and Maverick Carter, but I have been critical of Lebron not for going to Heat, but for some of the decisions leading up to his choice.

Amazingly I am not a critic of Lebron because he is black, but because sometimes he acts like the biggest baby on the planet from time to time.

Futhermore the majority of Lebron’s harshest critics are black, so unless I missed something and they have joined the tea party that is a just a pathetic attempt for sympathy.

There is not a more catered athlete on the planet by the media than Lebron James (Brett Favre begs to differ).  Even though he has zero rings, he has grown men calling him “King”. He had so much pull with the Cavs he was the De Facto coach and his posse were one of the most influential gang in Cleveland.

It is so easy for African-Americans when they are criticize to throw out the race card, but it is a slap in the face of real people who have to deal with true racism on a daily basis.  The media didn’t get on Lebron James because he is black, it is because he is “moist”.

It is because he walks around talking about having a “list” like a 12 year old who is going to tell the teacher who made fun of his Mach 5 Speed Racer receding hairline.

To go on CNN and with a straight face and throw out the race card to deflect attention from his bad decisions, just reinforces why Lebron was always destine to be a #2, but real Kings take responsibility for their own actions, not pass blame by going Jesse Jackson when it is convenient.

7 thoughts on “Lebron James & Maverick Carter Play “Race” Card In Response To Critics of The Decision

  • I totally agree! LeBron is the most arrogant, self-centered, sheltered, clueless idiot in sports today if he thinks criticism of his decision is race-based. As a black woman who grew up in Cleveland, I was horrified to see what he did to my hometown in one hour of circlejerking on espn. But I’m supposed to support his lack of class and home training because we’re both black? He can go play in traffic with that race card crap.

  • I think ultimately we forget that LeBron became extremely wealthy at a point in his life where boys are just learning to be men. I say that to say this : the world has been his oyster since he was about 18 (actually earlier if you count the "hummer"), and no one is gonna guide him in the right direction because he is the one in charge. He has the mentality of prepubescent boy, and the money of a multi millionaire which is a recipe for disaster. Of course he played the race card because he doesn't know any better. He's a hood kid who has a phenomenal talent that has thrust him into a social and financial class that he was never trained for and doesn't know how to handle. The lessons learned from a college coach would have served LeBron well. Not basketball lessons but lessons of life.

  • Thank you, this was about a local hero who quit on his home marketing area and stabbed them in the back in public and twisted. This is not about race. When Albert Bell, Manny, LeQuitter were in Cleveland, they could do no wrong. Now the chosen one third is gone and continuing to try to embarrass Cleveland. We are trying to heal and you keep scratching the wound. I think if Paul Silas was here still he would say something about next Tuesday(Carlos Boozer) and he is an african american too. I am not though, so I must be seeing this the wrong way.

    • My thing is I didn't really care where Lebron went he was a free agent it was his choice. I didn't like "I spoiled the fans" stuff. I would like Lebron or Maverick to point to any article that showed he was being blasted because of race. I think you have to prove comments like that.

    • @rick
      im soooo stealing chosen 1/3.
      done and done.

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