Michele Bundy on Shannon Sharpe: “I Dropped Restraining Order Out of Fear”

I am trying to understand Miss Bundy’s way of thinking.

She asked the court for a restraining order against Shannon Sharpe, then she decides to drop the restraining order claiming she is scared of retribution.

Using some common sense lets break this down.

As soon as Bundy filed for the restraining order it became a national story.  Her claims are serious, she accused Sharpe of rape and stalking.  Sharpe is a high profile NFL personality, who has everything to lose and nothing to gain by additional claims coming out against him.

The chances of Sharpe having any contact with Bundy is slim and none, if anything happened to Miss Bundy, Sharpe would be prime suspect.

In essence what Miss Bundy is claiming as her reasoning for dropping the restraining order makes no logical sense.  Here is what she had to say to TMZ.

The woman who took out — and quickly dropped — a restraining order against former Denver Broncos star Shannon Sharpe tells TMZ that she’s been in an “intimate relationship” with him since 2002.

TMZ spoke to Michele Bundy … who says she decided to drop the temporary order of protection against Sharpe out of “fear of retribution” … adding that she and her child “felt our lives were in more danger with [the restraining order] in [place].”

As we previously reported, Bundy told cops that Sharpe “forced [her] to have sex with him” and threatened her life earlier this month. However, officials in Fulton County, Georgia tell us Sharpe was not arrested and is not being investigated.

I would be curious to know what the police have to say about all this besides dismissing her claims.

When Miss Bundy has some evidence I would love to hear it.

One thought on “Michele Bundy on Shannon Sharpe: “I Dropped Restraining Order Out of Fear”

  • Something's not adding up. A Denver Post article characterized Bundy as a stalker who was so obsessed with Sharpe that she recently moved to ATL to be closer to "Sharpe's house", and hinted that any relationship with Sharpe was just a figment of her imagination. Yet, Bundy herself says that she has been in a relationship with Sharpe since 2002. So either Sharpe has been dating a stalker for eight years, or the allegations in the Denver Post are false bs drummed up to protect Sharpe's image. Either way, not exactly a good look for Sharpe.

    And if Bundy is this psycho delusional stalker, are we to believe that she suddenly came to her senses so quickly after Sharpe announced his "leave of absence" from CBS and dropped the charges without any money or intervention from Sharpe? The timing of her coming to her senses is very convenient!

    And her brief comments to TMZ suggest someone who has been muzzled (by money?). She could have really gone in on Sharpe, but all we get is "we had been dating since 2002"?

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