Big 12 Doesn’t Present Nebraska With Conference Trophy

The Decade of Saltiness has started out with a bang.

2010 has been the “moistest” year off all time.

It just isn’t players and fans, but conferences as well.  Nebraska is joining the Big 10 next year, and you could say the Big 12 is not pleased about it.

After the Cornhuskers secured Big 12 North title, check out what happened:

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, there were no representatives from the Big 12 in attendance at Memorial Stadium to make a postgame trophy presentation.  The reasoning behind the snub?  The “hooligans” in Lincoln had been peppering the conference with threatening emails in the week leading up to what turned out to be a division-clinching win over Colorado.

They didn’t think it would be safe to send somebody up,” Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said. “That’s the word I got. … You can call Beebe and ask him [why].”

Do the Big 12 representatives think they are Lebron going back to Cleveland?

They are just being petty.

Instead of all this conference shifting, how about working on a playoff system.

3 thoughts on “Big 12 Doesn’t Present Nebraska With Conference Trophy

  • All the big 12 needed to do was treat nebr. fair fair, fair, and not cheat us take the game away by a nation watching bunch of bad calls, terrible calls especially the late hit, the late hit, They were in no danger at all, talk, talk from people who do not even go to the games. Check our history of treating people better than almost anyone else. The big 12 is unbelievable petty, petty, petty. A grade school action by them against us. Wow. The whole world saw it and laughts, laughs at the big 12. They are rolling in the isles.

  • Yes the whole world was laughing, At Pellini and his temper tantrums. Perhaps they allow that in the Big 10, but their commissioner says no! He seems to have serious concerns. Good luck to the Oklahoma Sooners this weekend. Cornholers will probably play at the same level they did against Texas. Both years!

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