Shane Mosley Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife Jin Mosley 20k a Month in Support

If you are wondering why Shane Mosley is willing to take the short end of the stick in a fight with Manny Pacquaio, here is your answer.  For years, Jin Mosley managed Shane Mosley’s career.

She was in total control of everything including the finances.

Many in the boxing industry believe that Jin swindled Shane out of millions during his prime, and when she had no more use for him, they headed to divorce court where she continues to get the best of Shane.

I want to point out these expenses are just for Jin not their children.

Mosely was just ordered to pay his soon-to-be ex-wife Jin Mosley a whopping $20,000 per month in support starting this month … plus he’s got to shell out an extra $60,000 for the past three months.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jin claims she needs the cash to pay for several monthly expenses like:

Clothes ………………$5,073
Jewelry ………………$1,666
Cosmetics, beauty ..$2,000
Massage therapist …$360
Personal trainer ……$720


$5000 for clothes?

Here is what I don’t understand.  Jin Mosley is an educated woman who is more than capable of making her own money— why does Shane who gets his brains beat in for a living have to pay for her “Massage Therapist”.

I understand child support even though some of those judgments are a little out of control, but I never understood why you have to keep paying your ex-wife because she was accustomed to a certain lifestyle.

If she wants to continue that lifestyle, go get a job.

They should split whatever cash and property they had while they were together and be done with it.  I don’t think Shane or any man should be force to pay for his ex-wife’s personal trainer, who I am sure is doing more than just putting her on a treadmill.

7 thoughts on “Shane Mosley Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife Jin Mosley 20k a Month in Support

  • If she is accustomed to a certain lifestyle, then try to work on things and stick it out. it's not right that he has to fight into his 50's just to keep an ex wife in gucci and gold.

    • He only has a few years left, so giving her almost a quarter of a million a year is crazy

  • @Rob
    There's no hope. I heard an educated woman not too long ago saying that the support that Eva Longoria requested is "chump change" to Tony Parker. Its a damn shame mayne…

  • This is crazy!!! no prenup????

    • Shane fell hard. Let her control everything

  • as a woman's point of view…jin is one cold-hearted woman! she should be thinking first for her kids needs. then maybe for herself second. but she's asking too much like she's wanting to kill her ex. she's not even thinking than shane's job is very brutal. i hope things change for the sake of shane's life and their kids life.

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