Video: Redskins Botched Extra Point Leads To Lost Against Buccaneers

The Curse of Albert Haynesworth begins.

The Redskins were doomed from the time Mike Shanahan was failing Haynesworth condition tests and how they treated Donovan McNabb.

Add in the Redskins might have gotten a 5th down, the Football Gods were not going to let all of that slide.

They didn’t just miss the extra point, they botched the entire process of the kick. Even the Boise State kicker was like “Damn Homie”.

Nick Sundberg snap was high and Hunter Smith couldn’t handle it. It wouldn’t have come down to an extra point if Graham Gano wouldn’t have missed two chip shots earlier in the game.

A total fail all the way around.

The sad news for Redskins fans is that you are stuck with an old team that doesn’t have a lot of explosive players. Mike Shanahan already looks like he wants to quit. He is aging faster than a President.

Did I mention Daniel Snyder is your owner?

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