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Report: Ed Reed’s Brother Brian Reed Body Found in Mississippi River

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011
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A few weeks ago Ravens Safety Ed Reed’s brother Brian jumped into the Mississippi River while trying to evade authorities after he was allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

(Ed Reed’s Brother, Brian Reed Missing After Jumping into River to Avoid Police)

After searching for a few days police called off the search, but now believe they have found his body.

According to Lt. Wayne McInnis (via, authorities responded to the discovery of a body near Alliance Street about 4:00 PM.

The identity of the body has yet to be released, but authorities believe it’s Reed’s brother, and the location of where the body was found is near where Reed’s brother jumped into the river after being chased by police.

Very sad ending to a tragic story. Definitely was avoidable and unnecessary.

To me there are still questions on how someone in handcuffs was able to break away from multiple police officers and throw himself over a bridge.  Hopefully this is being fully investigated.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Ed Reed and his family and friends.


The search has finally come to an end after several days trying to get the body out of the river.

A search team recovered a body believed to be the brother of Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed from the Mississippi River on Tuesday. An autopsy will be performed Wednesday to confirm the identity of the body.

It’s been tough, but God is good,” Ed Reed told WDSU-TV in New Orleans. “To have found our brother today brings closure and knowing that he’s in a better place.”

Texas EquuSearch on Sunday had located what it believed to be the body of Brian Reed, 28, tangled in debris about 20 miles northwest of New Orleans. But Kenner Police Lt. Wayne McInnis said divers were unable to find it.

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  1. SalCrumb says:

    Tragic? The guy was a scumbag criminal. Who cares? Good riddance as far as I am concerned.

    • Losing your life over just a stolen car if that is what it was, is tragic to me.

      To lose your brother or a mom to lose her son over something that shouldn't have happened is tragic.

      But you are entitled to your opinion

    • LA6987 says:

      Being from New Orleans and knowing the Reed family personally…you have to know the whole story before assuming that he's a scumbag criminal. The vehicle wasn't reported stolen the cops assumed that it was stolen. Check you facts.

  2. idiedforlovemotherfu says:

    To SalCrumb, how the fuck do you know? There was no trial. I guess his resistance is proof enough for your small heart and brain. I really shouldn't take you to task because you're obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer. (SalButterknife would be an apt title) Sure you might counter with Mr. Reed's voluminous criminal history record, but that is not definitive proof. And to answer your immensely ignorant question: I care (a white guy in his mid-30s living outside of the nation's capital). Judge not less you be judged, motherfucker.

  3. "To me there are still questions on how someone in handcuffs was able to break away from multiple police officers and throw himself over a bridge. Hopefully this is being fully investigated."

    Dear God our society has gone right down the drain. This jackass jumps into a river to avoid the cops and you want to know if there was wrongdoing on the COPS' part?

    You're an ass.

  4. Jammie says:

    If y'all are going to leave stupid a** opinions, don't put them. Nobody wants to hear it, incase you are too much of a jackass to comprehend that! Regardless to what criminal history Mr. Reed may have had, he still is a person and his family is suffering. If y'all don;t have nothing to do, but be negative, go play!

  5. johnDeer says:

    Ed should have shown his brother a better life Brian was greiving For some family love,,He Got his mama working at walmart SAD ASS I WOULD TAKE CARE OF MA MAMA SO SHE DONT HAVE TO WORK AND I DAM SURE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO PLAY BALL WHILE MA FAMILY WAS MISSING that is sad that it happen Ed dont give a crap about his brother He thought his brother was beneath him but he will have to live with that THE HELL WITH SYMPATHY For ED

    • 504 boy says:

      Lets all be serious every man is born alone but during that life we all know right from wrong there is no way Ed can be responsible for a grown man that is going to do what he wants to do. Yes that was his brother and I am sure he loved his brother and is feeling this "loss". But this young man is not lost he is with the Lord now so he is not lost. And the sad thing about whole situation is people posted hateful things about a man they didnt even know except he is the brother of Ed Reed if yall want to post anything post something encouraging for the "Reed" family please or dont post anything at all.

  6. john deer says:

    I meant sympathy for Brian Yall dont know the true Ed he want yall to think he hurt,,but Question if that was yall family when yall heard the news would yll not have been on the first flight out,,I dam sure would have been,But he Ed didnt give a crap so he didnt come down ALL YOU DO ED is play football it dont take a genius to do that otherwise you would be in thbe Hood where you from HANGIN OUT,,Dont get it twisted

  7. Reggie Taylor says:

    This is a very sad story, regardless of a stolen car or not. It's a human life. Oh sorry I forgot, most of these people on here care more about a dog then they do humans sorry.

  8. tabnola says:

    The lastest postings are evident that there is something truly going wrong in the world… but I digress…

    Update: The body, assumingly of Brian Reed, was spotted at the location entangled in debris. However, before the rescue team could make a recovery, the body became dislodge and moved with the river’s current. (Source:

    Above anything, regardless of the speculations as to what happened, this family deserves closure. (To the Reed Family… “If you know the truth, you can discern what’s false” Keep your heads up!)

  9. gradeA says:

    "The latest postings are evident that there is something truly wrong in the world… but I digress…"

    To tabnola, what is truly wrong in the world? He chose to jump in the RIVER. If the vehicle he was driving wasn't stolen, why would he make such a decision? I have sympathy for the family for their loss, but I personally feel zero regret that a substandard member of society is no longer in the system. Aside from his prior criminal background, what kind of dumbshit jumps in the river?

    • tabnola says:

      GradeA – Obviously the kind of dumbshits who write posts like yours…

      "The family …that Brian Reed battled mental illness, which likely explained his encounter with police Jan. 6, Miller said. That was the day that Reed, who lived in St. Rose, was last seen jumping into the river while being chased by a St. Charles Parish deputy sheriff on suspicion of driving a stolen vehicle.

      Brian Reed suffered from schizophrenia and was off his medication. "His actions of fleeing from law enforcement are a direct result of his illness, and nothing more…"

      Mental illness destroys/kills as many lives as cancer and heart disease…

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