Pics: Eva Longoria’s New Man Eduardo Cruz..Tony Parker Shrugs

It appears that Eva Longoria has been getting divorce lessons from Shaunie O’Neal.  Now that her and Spurs guard Tony Parker are done, she is getting her Cougar on.

Our lovely friend Necole Bitchie has the details:

One week after finalizing her divorce from NBA baller Tony Parker, desperate housewife Eva Longoria is getting it in with someone new. She’s now linked to a young tenderoni by the name of Eduardo Cruz, which happens to be actress Penelope Cruz’s younger brother.

They were spotted on a yacht in Miami last night getting cozy which included a tongue wrestling session. Eva must be a firm believer in the phrase “age ain’t nothing but a number” because she’s 35 years-old and her boo thang is only 25.

The breakup hasn’t affected Tony that much since the Spurs currently have the best record in the NBA.  Brent Barry on the other hand I’ve heard is devastated by the fact that Tony allegedly broke lamps with his wife while they were still teammates.

Understand this is a dog eat dog world (#novick), you are either a wolf or a sheep, feel bad for Barry, but time to move on like everyone else has.

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  • Hey go head Eva…get your cougar on…..good for her…I'm sure Tony is not wasting his time even giving a damn..he's on to the next sexy chick……

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