New Arizona State Football Uniforms Are Gang Related?

Most gangs are identified by a color or symbol.

Even if you aren’t in a gang, in certain parts of the country if you are caught wearing the wrong color on it can be life threatening.

Many of the symbols for gangs can be found on a lot of types of clothing, so it isn’t unusual for a gang to wear a particular brand or style of clothes that fits their symbols.

That is what concerns one police officer about Arizona State’s new football uniforms.  Here are the details.

An ASU alum and Chicago policeman Kenneth Epic was quoted in the Arizona Republic saying that he’s concerned a Chi-town gang called “the Satan Disciples” are going to start donning Arizona State clothing because of the similarities between logos of the two, raising concerns that others could be unintended victims of gang wars if they wear the new ASU gear.

Said ASU associate AD Steve Hank: “If they were to use it in that way, we would take all legal action to protect our mark.”

I can tell ASU associate AD Steve Hank hasn’t been around many gangs in his life if he thinks filing a lawsuit is the proper way to attack the problem.  Maybe he can throw his pocket protector as well after filing his lawsuit.

The cop probably should have just kept his mouth shut, because I don’t think they are selling too much Arizona State gear in Chicago, but now he has giving them an idea.

In the end probably much to do about nothing, just be careful when you are out in the city streets.

8 thoughts on “New Arizona State Football Uniforms Are Gang Related?

  • They might be on to something here. But who do you exactly sue in a gang? If that was the case the Bloods and Crips would have gotten wrongful death suits a long time ago.

  • They make a good point. What if there are members of the ASU team from Chicago? What about if their family members want to wear their uniforms around the city? The jerseys are SICK!! But dangerous.

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