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Fan @AyYoNateOh Gets Lebron James’ Face Tattooed on His Leg

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011
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Before I say anything here is what Lebron had to say.

RT @AyYoNateOh: @KingJames damn! That’s how u feel. I appreciate the love)

Just so we are clear Nathan is free to do whatever he likes. It is his money and his leg, if he wants Lebron’s face permanently attached to it that is his business.

I am just giving an opinion and I think it is a bit odd for any man to have another man tatted on his body unless it is his child, family member or dead homie.

Maybe you don’t find that weird, but to me it speaks of being submissive to an athlete or entertainer. Men are suppose to be Alpha Dogs, we aren’t meant to strive to be #2 or be followers, we should always want to #1 one.

You make decisions in life do you want to be Puffy or do you want to Mase?

Nathan got his RT and if you look at his twitter page he is saying he doesn’t care what you think Lebron James is his Idol.

From the look of Nathan’s picture he appears to be in his late 20’s early 30’s, I don’t think he should be having a basketball player as his “idol”, but I digress.

Fan is short for Fanatic, one thing I am pretty sure of Nathan doesn’t do too well with the ladies.


We reach out to Nathan (who is actually 22) and this is what he had to say.

@BlkSportsOnline  To you guys its some big deal. Its not your time,money, or body so ya.

@BlkSportsOnline haha. That’s funny and frankly don’t care. Its on my leg and eventually it’ll blend in with more tattoos.

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  1. WOW a GROWN MAN got @kingjames face tatted on his leg #gayASSNIGGA

  2. This idiot got LB face tatted on his leg… RT @AyYoNateOh: @KingJames (Oh damn! That’s how u feel appreciate the love)

  3. -_- RT @BlkSportsOnline Grown men in their 30’s calling Lebron their idol & getting his face tatted on leg? really?

  4. Stabmaster Arson says:

    It don’t get much gayer than that, Nathan!

  5. J. Rock says:

    Too bad it looks like Will Smith. Dude shoulda done some research for better tattoo artists.

  6. J5 says:

    He shoulda put “No Homo” at the top. Looks like Shaq & LB had a love child.

  7. costamjest says:

    This is another attempt to support my argument that there are universal ideas that are true for everyone, everywhere and at all times.

  8. @DewanSoRaww says:

    It is UnManly for a Man to get a Leg Tattoo Period just the fact of another man getting a Tatt of A dudes face is Very Gay. Follow me on Twitter.

  9. smichaels22 says:

    That looks like a chubby, 40 yr. old Lebron. Hope he didn’t pay much for that tat. Jus sayin’..

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