Video: ESPN’s Skip Bayless Has a Girlfriend? Wait?? What??


My email inbox can be a scary place at times.  Numerous hate messages, twodels pics, PR people, mad athletes, groupies, fantasy football questions and overdue server bill notices (remember I am a dollarnaire).

I get a lot of tips, most of the stories I am aware of , some are scoops that I try to verify and like Antwan Odom sexing his boy’s girl as the reason he was shot in the leg.

This particular email was just titled “Skip Bayless”.  I assumed that Skip had said something silly on 1st and 10, but the message read as followed:

“Hey Rob did you know Skip Bayless had a chick he is smashing in a too little apartment, if you haven’t here is a link to the video.  Keep doing what you do.”

So I proceeding to watch the video.


The emailer gave a good description of what was going on. That football game with the light switch is a bit disturbing, but we all have our little quirks.

Here is the thing and Skip probably doesn’t want me tell you this, but he is a bit of a pimp. The streets tell me he doesn’t discriminate either.

Chocolate, Vanilla, Spanish Icee and etc Skip loves all 31 Flavors. So while my initial reaction was a bit of shocked that he had a “Lady”, once I thought about it all Pimps have a main chick.

Skip uses Twitter not to just make fun of Lebron and wear a cape for Backup Jesus he is deep in those DM streets even though he doesn’t follow anyone. Can’t say he is getting his Ray Allen on, but Skip kicks a little game here and there.

I am not mad at you John (Skip’s real name) pimp on my little homie pimp on.


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