Pics: Kevin Durant’s New Back Tattoo Guarantees He Will Never Play QB for Panthers


Here is the thing about tattoos.  There are no right or wrong answers.  If you have tats or if you don’t have tats doesn’t make you any better than the other person.

As we have learned from Carolina Panthers Jerry Richardson there is still a perception than young black men with tattoos are thugs and not “corporate” enough for the majority of Americans, specifically Caucasians.

No one even knew Kevin Durant had tats until a few months ago, but I would say for the majority of people (black, white or avatar) it didn’t change their opinion of him at all.

He is still Kevin Durant no matter if he is starting to look more like JR Smith.

It is the person you are, not that tats that cover your body that matters.  Durant is a good example of that.

Now with that said the tat looks awful, but that is just my personal opinion. No offense to state of Maryland.


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