Basketball Wives Tami Roman Gets Her Own Weave Collection

The American Dream right?

Think about unless you are over the age of 30, you probably had no idea who Tami before she went on Basketball Wives.  Even if you did, she was known for two things and two things only.

Taking Kenny Anderson’s soul and destroying David’s comedic career on the Real World by screaming “rape”.

But that was in the 90’s by the 2000s she was largely irrelevant and from what I heard in a bit of a financial bind.   She gets an opportunity on the Almost Basketball Wives, smacks a few chicks around and now she is one of the most known reality stars around.

She has flipped that stardom into some nice $$$, boob job, plastic surgery on her face and now her own weave collection.  Can’t knock the hustle, granted her brand of lady isn’t very attractive to me, but to the many hoodtastic young ladies out there she is like their Tupac.

Now you can pick up her weaves at a Sally Beauty Salon near you.

Tami Roman has found something else to put money in her pocket besides scrappin’ with Meeka Claxton on Basketball Wives. She has teamed up with “Creme De La Creme Hair” to sell Curls by Roman. The hair industry is a big money maker so, we have to give it up for Tami tapping into weave market.

That’s pimpin……….pimpin……..I ain’t mad at cha Tami.

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