Video: Dad Teaches His Son How to Burn a Tony Romo Jersey



As I have told you for years fan is short for FANATIC and while in general if grown men and women want to make a fool of themselves that is their prerogative, but when you bring children into the mix that is a big problem.

Kids take their cues from their parents. That is why certain things you don’t do in front of your kids.  For example my mom curses like a sailor, but I have banned her from cursing when she is with my daughter.

The message this video sends to this man’s son is bad on so many levels.  As Los That Sports Blog points out the kid can’t be any older than 7-8 years old and he is being trained by his father to say these things about Tony Romo.

I can tell you for a fact that a 7 year old isn’t “sick and tired” of anything that a NFL quarterback is doing.  The boy is a Cowboys fan because his dad told him he was a Cowboys fan and threw all the gear on him.  What Tony Romo is doing on the field has no effect on what is going on in the mind of a 7 year old boy.

If that wasn’t bad enough teaching him to play with fire and burning a jersey is such a awful lesson on how to deal with disappointment I fear for this boy’s future.

What is going to happen when a teacher or a girlfriend disappoints him?  How is he going to react?  If his dad burns jerseys of a player he never met in his life, what do you think his son is going to do when someone close to him hurts him.  The Dad he doesn’t care about that he is too busy being a disgruntle Cowboys fan than a responsible father.

The fact they have made a video of it has me seriously questioning this father parenting skills.  If you want to be a pathetic adult who lives vicariously through athletes that is fine, but to bring your kid into it and burning jerseys that is weak.

Cowboys fan need to get a grip, it is just a football game. The whole thing is sick and demented.

I hope someone calls child services on him immediately.

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  • “Cowboys fan need to get a grip, it is just a football game” HELLOOOOOOO IT IS A FOOTBALL GAME!!! FOOTBALL IS LIFE! GOD MADE FOOTBALL! COWBOYS ARE THE BEST!

  • Give that man a cookie. Romo does nothing but fail

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