Vince Young Struggling with Eagles’ Playbook

Considering it is Week 11 and Young has barely played with the Eagles, you would think all he would be doing is studying the playbook.

Not like he has anything else to do.

Here are VY’s comments.

The reason why there’s a chance that Kafka may start against the Giants this week, is because Young is still playing catch up with the Eagles playbook and is still getting comfortable with it.

“It’s been tough, not playing and being out there with your teammates,” Young said about his time in Philly so far.

“It’s definitely [a] wordy, very, very detailed offense,” Young said. “You have to be up with it because Andy, he’ll pop up on you and ask you what the play is even though you’re not in there.”

I appreciate his honesty, but part of being a quarterback is the mental aspect.  I understand he came to the Eagles late because of the lockout, but he had to know that it was unlikely that Michael Vick would be healthy for the entire season.

He should be spending every free moment learning that playbook.

How embarrassing would it be if the Eagles start Kafka, not because they want to, but because they don’t feel VY can handle running the offense?

That wouldn’t help his impending free agency.


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