Keyshawn Johnson Says Lamar Odom Should Say F-U to Mavs and Ask For Release

Didn’t know Meshawn was an authority of matters of the NBA.

He is barely an authority on the NFL.

But, since someone put a mic in his face, this is what he had to say about the Lamar Odom situation with the Dallas Mavericks.

Johnson was out in L.A. this weekend when we asked how HE would handle the situation if a coach dropped him to the D-League in the middle of the season.

Without thinking twice, Key said … “If I was him I’d ask for my release … I’d tell ’em ‘f*ck you’ I’m asking for my release.”

But Key doesn’t think the team should’ve made the announcement in the first place … telling us, “[Lamar] can play … I don’t know what the problem is … maybe he’s just homesick.”