Pilar Sanders Wants to Speak to Deion’s Alleged Mistresses Aleea Stanton & Tracey Edmonds

Believe it or not, I have heard this happens more times than you think.

The wife or soon to be ex wife in this case becomes “business partners” with the mistresses in an effort to take down the husband.  For someone like Aleea (pictured above) who leaked all the information about her alleged affair with Deion Sanders, she will probably talk to the highest bidder.

That is called Twodel negotiations.

Pilar Sanders wants to have a little sit-down with Deion’s alleged mistresses — to PROVE he was an unfaithful husband — but according to Pilar, Deion is trying thwart her efforts … by attempting to bribe one of his jumpoffs to keep quiet.

Pilar has filed a motion in court — obtained by TMZ — demanding sanctions against Deion in their ongoing divorce proceedings, claiming the former NFL star has been tampering with witnesses … in this case, a 20-year-old model Deion allegedly slept with last summer named Aleea Stanton.

According to Pilar, Deion attempted to bribe Aleea to keep her mouth shut about their tryst — so now, Pilar wants the court to punish him for his unsavory tactics.

In addition to the sanctions, Pilar filed documents requesting to take depositions of several other people — including another alleged mistress by the name of Tracey Edmonds, coincidentally an ex of Eddie Murphy.

I assume all of this is to get around the prenuptial agreement that was signed between Deion and Pilar before they got married.  If it can be proved Deion has breached the contract then it becomes null and void.

Prime will be on Dr. Phil today, so you might want to set your DVRs for that.

5 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Wants to Speak to Deion’s Alleged Mistresses Aleea Stanton & Tracey Edmonds

  • Wow. Tracey Edmunds has been reduced to a mistress. Wasn’t she married to Babyface also? I would watch this reality show. TV execs and producers need to copyright this drama. Why give away what you can sell?

  • I have lost so much respect for Deion so I’m not interested in watching his lies. You don’t have to question the veracity of these stories, all you have to do is listen to his inconsistent statements. I hope Pilar takes him to the cleaners. He wants you to believe he is so spiritual and helping others but he doesn’t take care of his own children (again, if these stories are true).

  • Deion’s kids live with him so how is he not taking care of them? child please..Ms. P you had all the time and money in the world to get an education, start businesses or whatever. You’re SOL with that prenup ma’am…get.a.job.

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