Demaryius Thomas Salty Tebow Got More Credit for OT Winning TD Than Him

Thomas is correct.

He did 80% of the work on the TD that won the playoff game against the Steelers, but Quarterbacks get all the glory and it doesn’t matter if it was Tebow or Manning, he still would have been moved to the background.

But, he let some frustrations out.

Apparently, that was only a one time thing; Thomas took a few stabs at Tebow yesterday appearing on a podcast hosted by the 2 live stews.  “I ain’t going to say I was sad because the only thing they remember is that pass. You gotta go back and look at the rest of the games. I wasn’t getting no balls and you had to make some of these plays where some players were open and he is not making the throws, but I don’t want to talk bad about Tim, but hey I am happy we got Peyton.” said Thomas.

Although Tebow took a lot of grief from the media and fans about his passing game, he even had to hear it from other teammates “You would have people calling him out saying, ‘Tim you gotta make that throw. You gotta read the defenses better,’” Thomas said. “Players on offense trying to get him better.

“Everything on ESPN was all about Tim, That bothered some players too because they would say ‘Tim Tebow Time.’ I felt like it was a team thing. If it wasn’t for the defense most of the time there wouldn’t be no supposed ‘Tim Tebow Time.”

Can’t say any of that is incorrect, but some of that isn’t Tebow’s fault it is ESPN’s fault. Tebow is a good teammate, good football player, but average quarterback.

Also if Thomas becomes an All-Pro this year guess who is going to get the credit…….

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  • Wow…tells us how you really feel Thomas. Skip is really going to have a field day with this smh. Welp.

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