Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn Claims to Have Married a NFL Player Jacob Payne, But…..

Natalie Nunn has been linked to several athletes.

Vernon Davis, Ty Lawson, Roy Jones Jr, Shaq and countless others.  So it wasn’t shocking when I went to one of my favorite sites and saw that Nunn was marrying an athlete.

One thing though was a bit odd though.

I had never heard of the guy she was marrying even though all the headlines read…….

“Natalie Nunn Marrying Football Player”

One headline actually describe Jacob Payne as a NFL STAR, one small problem with that though.

There are no offiical records of Jacob Payne ever playing a down in the NFL, no record of him being drafted and no record of him ever doing anything in the NFL.

There is nothing on, or Wikipedia.

Here is where it really gets strange, there are no records of a Jacob Payne on the College Football Database as well.

Maybe, I am missing something and one of the BSO detectives can get on the case, but it appears this guy is fraud or they just made up the NFL story for better press.


A couple things we have found out.

Jacob Payne was a one star HS football recruit. He didn’t go to any major colleges.  He did go to a JUCO we believe.  He has never played a down in the NFL, CFL or AFL.

He is currently training, we aren’t sure for what, but this video was provided.

Here are some NSFW Photos of Natalie Nunn.



33 thoughts on “Bad Girls Club Natalie Nunn Claims to Have Married a NFL Player Jacob Payne, But…..

  • Why do people have to lie about what they do? Just be straight up. “No, I don’t play football but I….” Just be honest about who you are and what you do! Don’t lie just to get someone to like you, or in this case marry you. Whatever. I hope both of them are happy.

  • I don’t know what everyone else read and watched. The guy is practicing to get on a team. I didn’t hear him or her say that he’s an NFL player. The media is saying that he’s a football player/NFL player. Natalie said that he’s trying to pursue his dream.

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