Derrick Rose Brought to Tears After ACL Surgery

This is the side of sports people don’t get to see very often. We see the injury, we hear that the surgery was a successful and in 8-10 months we are happy to see player back on field or court.

But, if you never had a surgery or have been seriously injured you can’t imagine what these guys are going through.

Derrick Rose’s brother gives us a little insight.

Derrick was brought to tears initially from the pain of the surgery according to his brother, who spoke before being inducted into the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in a ceremony at Hawthorne Race Course.

“There were a couple of (possible) procedures Dr. Cole had that you could use,” Reggie said. “Basically it just came down to deciding what we feel is best for Derrick long-term.”

A source said Cole used a graft from Rose’s patellar tendon during the surgery, which Reggie said lasted just one hour rather than the anticipated two. Rose also received platelet rich plasma blood, which can promote faster healing. Rose is facing an 8- to 10-month recovery period, which would place him back in action sometime late next season.

There were be a lot of rehab and a lot of pain for Derrick Rose in these upcoming months.

Rose’s trademark was his explosiveness and no one knows how he will come back from this.  Hopefully he makes a full recovery and this doesn’t start a trend.