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Former HS Football Star Brian Banks Spent 6 Years in Prison for Rape Didn’t Commit

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, May 24th, 2012
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For a second I want you to put yourself in Banks’ shoes.

You know you didn’t commit a crime, but you are 17 years old and lawyers are saying you can go to jail for 41 years unless you accept a plea deal.

No 17 year old should be force to make that decision, but Banks thinking if he is found guilty his life would essentially be over, takes the deal.

He does his time, his football dreams are shattered and then the woman he didn’t rape says this…..

He maintained there was no rape and their sexual contact was consensual, but his lawyer urged him to plead no contest rather than risk a sentence of 41 years to life in prison if convicted. He followed the advice and went to prison for six years, shattering his dreams of gridiron glory.

Lawyers for the California Innocence Project were prepared Thursday to argue he should be exonerated.

In a strange turn of events, the woman who accused him a decade ago friended him on Facebook when he got out of prison. Wanetta Gibson explained she wanted to “let bygones be bygones.”

According to documents in the case, she met with Banks and said she had lied; there had been no kidnap and no rape and she offered to help him clear his record.

But she subsequently refused to repeat the story to prosecutors because she feared she would have to return a $1.5 million payment from a civil suit brought by her mother against Long Beach schools.

She was quoted as telling Banks: “I will go through with helping you but it’s like at the same time all that money they gave us, I mean gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

May I ask a question?

Why isn’t Wanetta Gibson in jail?

She just didn’t destroyed Banks’ future (worst case scenario at least his name is clear and he has some sort of college education), she defrauded the school out of $1.5 million based on a lie.

Rape is a serious charge.

If you are accused of rape as a man regardless if you are innocent or guilty it stains your reputation, so there is no worse woman on earth than one that lies about being rape.

She should be punished, sued and jailed.

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  1. Daniel says:

    He should sue her for $1.5M plus interest from the date of conviction. The State of California should be even more.

  2. TJ says:

    Someone should start a petition to get Wanetta Gibson arrested and sent to prison.

  3. Danny Thomas says:

    He should move to Alabama. At 27 he could still play college ball for UA. At least he would receive better justice in Alabama.

  4. Anthony says:

    She should be doing time for lying, falsely accusing someone and now stealing money. I hope she rots in jail.

  5. Bria Stelly says:

    This pathetic opportunist is just the type of trash I warn my two son’s about, to look out for as they get older. She and her trifling momma are sorry and commited a fraud on the school system. She needs to be punished and ordered to pay every cent back. Terrible ugly behavior from a terrible ugly girl. OUTRAGEOUS!

  6. Clancy says:

    As a 17 year old he goes to prison based on her lies.
    It’s tough to blame the state or “the system” for THAT.
    You CAN blame “the system” if that lying whore skates. I can’t imagine how that kid dealt with imprisonment, knowing he was there because of her perjured testimony.

  7. HoundOfDoom says:

    Man, it doesn’t get worse than this. Lying scrunt destroys an innocent man’s life and gets $1.5M as a reward. We desperately need her put away, more women need to see there is a price to pay when you do this. Otherwise more will lie down for their payday – and throw more innocent men in prison.

  8. URCRAZY says:




  9. Mike Maddox says:

    She won’t be punished because doing so would intimidate other women from coming forth with rape allegations.
    That’s the women’s rights logic that prevents false accusers from having any sense of fear that their horrible actions might backfire on them.

    At worst she will be charged and given probation for “filing a false police report”.

    Several years ago an academic researcher published a paper (studying Indiana rape accusations, I believe) that reported that 40% of the rape charges in the subject county were found to be false. One way that the state & local police had investigated “he said/she said” (consensual vs. rape) cases was to ask both parties to take a lie detector test.
    Women’s rights advocates immediately began a national campaign that resulted in laws being passed in 19 states (so far) that forbid police from simply asking the accuser if she will take a lie detector test.

    The results of such laws are obvious. Mr. Banks may be one of those results. I don’t know.

    Keep electing politicians that run for the hills everytime a women’s group flexes their muscles and you too, or your son or grandson may “deserve” what Mr. Banks got.

  10. cxd says:

    I’m too pissed off to comment on this……

  11. Michael V Hutchinson says:

    The (9th commandment in the book (bible) of Exodus states”Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.”regardless of what happens to Wanetta Gibson,God keeps records!Wanetta Gibson and her mother will answer to God on judgement day for their lies,as well as stealing $ 1.5 million they obtaining by framing an innocent man:Brian Banks.P.S.The 6th commandment:”Thou shalt not steal.Remember Potiphar’s wife and Joseph.

  12. Msfre1 says:

    I am absolutely speechless. Wanetta Gibson should be ashamed of herself. I hope perjury charges are brought against her and she has to pay the 1.5 million back with interest. A whole life ruined! For nothing. I hope Brian continues to keep praying and God 1st.

  13. Stevo says:

    If there is any justice in this country determined by common-sense fairness, she would receive double the prison sentence he served, owe $3 million dollars to the Long Beach Schools and owe he and his family approximately $10 million in a civil lawsuit. This woman Wanetta is the ugliest type of human being one could possibly be; she’s willing to destroy a person’s life in exchange for ripping off others. She’s a disgusting human being. I can’t wait until she and her mother are absolutely fuc..d!

  14. jimmy says:

    where in the heck is jesse, al and the rest of the cleric who condem the white race for the injustices brought upon the black race. Oh, wait a minute, must be a sista that lied, so can’t get mileage out of it. Sorry guys, maybe next time.
    I do have to hand it to this young man for not holding a grudge and is willing to forgive and go on with his life. May you finally reach your goal and make it in football, at whatever level you go for.

  15. Uku says:

    I feel for this brother. It’s hard enough out here already. Then you have to watch out for snakes like this. My opinion is that she liked him, but he didn’t like her. She saw he was going places but since he didn’t like her she decided to ruin his life. I have to call her what she is. A straight-up B!TCH!!

  16. upset says:

    I hope he sues her for every peeny….i would make her life miserable…………..please post pics of this crazy sick girl

  17. Good thing she did not get pregnant as he would than still be in trouble for not paying child support while in jail, as was the case with this man who was released after 17 years, but now owes $110,000 in arrears, so he may go back as a deadbeat dad.

  18. Carlyn says:

    Miss Gibson’s flippant attitude about this whole thing makes me want to spit on her. How dare she? She waits while he sits in jail to finally come forward and tell the truth! She is the worst kind and really needs to be punished to the maximum. I’m really angry about this! Can’t something be done?

  19. Sweetlady238 says:

    I’m so glad he was wise enough to record this girl admitting that she lied. She needs to be made an example so other girls don’t get the notion to do the same thing without considering the consequences. It was good that she admitted she had lied, but she was 6-7 years too late. I would be so thrilled to hear about her going to prison for six years or more. No plea deals for her, please!

  20. Joseph says:

    I hope someone kills Miss Gibson, sue hungry whore who didn’t deserve a penny of what she got. She deserves a slow painful death. Why aren’t they pressing charges against her for false-suing and ruining a mans life? She only cared about the money, not this mans life.

  21. spizzy says:

    I’d sue her for everything I possibly could: defamation….everything. I’d also sue her for potential lost wages and earnings since he was a star football player from a football powerhouse high school and most likely would have been an NFL millionaire. I can’t believe this woman had the gall to friend this kid on FB after she ruined his life. Here’s praying guilt, torment, and shame are her constant companions for the rest of her life. WOW.

  22. God says:

    I’d kill her slowly if I was Brian Banks, she cost him his life. He now isn’t a famous athlete that little kids can look up to. Instead some gross disgusting whore is walking around with money she stole from California tax payers.

  23. bobby says:

    She’s a low-life heffa. on the street she’s know as: first letter is H. The last letter IS O.

  24. KJ says:

    They need to lock her a** up ! For lieing about being kidnapped & raped, and frauding the school out of $1.5 million. Guilty !!!!!!!! 10 years.

  25. dan says:

    Wow. Who of us could have endured what Brian went through? A promising athlete, with visions of NFL glory? How can that be replaced? It cannot. Six years of being the lowest of the low in prison? All the while Ms. Mary Jane Crotchrot is living high with the $1.5M from the school? Sheeeeet.

    The pieces simply cannot be put back together. The school system is probably gonna go after whatever is left from their settlement (how much ‘ya wanna bet there’s nothing there…?). Brian can go after Mary Jane Crotchrot civilly, yet that would be fairly worthless unless she’s done good with that $1.5m.

  26. Stevo says:

    I don’t think the laws in California are too stiff regarding false-accusations, unfortunately. I’m sure there will be a multitude of civil lawsuits by Brian Banks and his family but I doubt either Cuntetta Gibson or her pathetic mother will be convicted of a crime. I hope this gets enough national attention to prompt a change in the law regarding this type of horrible thing. Congratulations to the Innocence Project and their attorneys for caring enough to win this for Brian. Brian Banks seems like an amazing guy that had a promising future, stolen by an evil witch and her mother, and hopefully, he’ll be able to put enough pieces back together to lead a happy, healthy and productive life. Life is tough enough, but it seems like Brian is the type of person that can perservere. I live in the same city as he does and he’s my new local hero and will be for a long time.

  27. dawgmama says:

    I am a woman. I am a parent. I am a rape victim/ survivor. What this woman and her parents did has set back everything that has been done in an effort to help true rape victims. Damn them. I’m so sad for the injustice done to this young man.

  28. Layla4805 says:

    I don’t want her or her disgusting so called mother in jail, then WE have to support them, put their sorry a—es to work and they can pay that man from their paychecks every week! I am mixed but it outrages me that there is never an outcry when black people do these things to black people but if this woman were white or anything but black she would be under death threats from black muslims, etc., this young man is blessed, he went through the fire and emerged on the other side, no one can touch him now-I hope all he touches prospers in every way.

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